Robert Fogarty and Go for Gold

Robert Fogarty Evacuteer and Dear New Orleans


Robert Fogarty, an Omaha, Nebraska native who came to New Orleans with Americorps and ended up as Nagin’s Intern Coordinator.

What now?

He’s the Executive Director of, which raises money to commission works of public art that serve as evacuation pick-up point markers at 17 points throughout the city, and trains evacuteers to help residents of New Orleans without a means of reliable transportation for evacuation.

Where’s money coming from?

The online community matching the $173.28 that Fogarty himself earned by painting himself gold and acting as a French Quarter statue in imitation of local mimes. “I’ve seen the people painted as statues, and a buddy who helped build [] during Gustav said joking that I’d make more money if I was painted gold. I’m open to anything.”

How’s it working?

The gamble has proven to be a successful one as he raised $14,040.76 at last calculation, and steps to make evacuation as painless as possible are already being taken. “We’ve trained over 500 people to be involved,” says Fogarty. “We do rational, logical roles. We’re the ones who interact with the people, lug heavy baggage, point people to the right line, hand out water. We’ve also got a bunch of interpreters.”

Any other income source?

Dear New Orleans, a photography company that has recently been shooting “Love Notes to New Orleans” as locals write messages on their hands and bodies. He’s shot Dr. John, Chris Paul, Drew Brees and many more. “I’ll forgo a check to Dear New Orleans and say ‘If you can donate to, Dear New Orleans will be there.”