• HamptonHarry

    Great story. If I were a computer guy, I’d make an app where Friends of Bill could “check-in” at venues. Maybe with custom made emoji’s indicating you like to talk, you’re available to talk, or you’re just hanging listening to music.

    • xShadowWolfx

      Shared anonymously, of course, lol. Brilliant idea, you should do it, don’t need to be a “computer guy”. Just find one who is, make him a partner, see where it goes.

  • xShadowWolfx

    I overcame a 0.0001% or so the doctors/recovery group, (AA the very best if you’re serious), set of addictions. 6 to be exact. They say no one usually survives anything close, even with only 4. Well, I have the worst luck in the world, except for this. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s a real bitch. But then again, so was I at the time. We went to war, I won. So anyone can. I believe the odds are much better for those that don’t have some of the other things I deal with fighting them as well. It will take time, know this going in, and, that in the end, you actually WILL feel better, and, you will find yourself again.

  • Jipes Blues

    I’m really happy for Anders that he got through this and get the best creative period of his life, I’m a huge fan of him since the first album on O’Keh. I had the chance to see him performing with Stanton Moore in Blue Nile and that was a real blast. wish he would visit us in France one of theses days