• Gary J. Edwards

    I had hoped that the interviewer had gotten around to asking ZZ Top about their first big trip from Houston, to play at Pontchartrain Beach. WRNO gave away free tickets at some various locations around town, but so many people wanted to hear the NEW SOUND, they paid the $8 to get in. Bill Hamm, producer, drove the green Chevy stepvan with gear. Billy and Dusty had their Marshall stacks, and Bill Hamm brought two Kustom PA 3-15 cabinets for their PA. We used 8 RYDER speaker cabinets from Allied Music, with all of the power amps available for the main PA and used the Kustom cabinets for monitors. Billy did his Chuck Berry duck walk and the show was a great launching pad for the Little Ol’ Band from Texas. Mr. Batt was not happy at first, with a loud PA “check test!” But I think when he was seeing all of those folks PAYING to get in, he was probably happier!