Shaye Cohn Hits the Spot at Mona’s Cafe and Deli

Photo by Elsa Hahne

Mona’s Café and Deli
504 Frenchmen St.
(504) 949-4115


Why do you come here?

I’m on Frenchmen Street so much. I’m either playing at the Spotted Cat or at La Maison de la Musique or just on the street, or there’s a band I like to see at d.b.a., so I’m always here. In any given day, you’ll see me here, and I always loved Middle Eastern food.

What are you getting today?

Nothing. I just want tea. I woke up in a second line this morning, stumbled out of my house, so I had barbecued chicken and a beer and then I just ate a hot sausage sandwich at the end. But usually I get the chicken shwarma sandwich with extra hummus. Or the falafel, but it’s not as filling.

Do you tend to choose food by how filling it is?

My friends love a deal. When we busk on Royal Street, they get the fried chicken from Rouses, and I get the sushi. When I play I don’t like to feel full. Last week, I didn’t mean to eat, but my friend made over 200 latkes, the potato pancakes, and I played for two hours before I could take a breath. You have to breathe when you play the cornet.

  • SemoJudo

    Shaye on “some of these days” with Tuba Skinny is better than food! She rocks that cornet!!

  • Richard in California

    Tuba Skinny is sooooo COOL and so is Shaye.