• june walker

    you have never consider giving a new orleans local talent a shot as one of your emcees wheter it is main stage or super lounge. well i know of a gentleman who has 40 years as an internationally recognize emceecompere and i saw him for the reunion of the main ingredient in the superlounge. also i know he was featured emcee for the aquarius theeater and the total experience nit club supper. the voice as he has been known has co- hosted the ten annual image awards and perform on 7 brotherhood crusade fund raising events, he co-hosted the midem feast with wolf man jack, was the tour emcee for the dramatics, main ingredient, the gap band and the only pure emcee hired by earth wind and fire for the spirit tour, he has emceed on the several budwiser super fest for al hayman, and was a co-host for a nite with the greatest at the las vegas hiton,(co-hosting with telly savalas, curtiss mayfield, and was the first afro americam emcee to emcee on the vick carr show at the sahara in las vegas including per forming at wembly stadium, while also hosting on the music show in london called the tubes presenting the gap band and yarbrough and peoples. at home in new orleans he has returned for the third as the featured emcee for the mid-city bayou boogaloo festival and has also served as emcee for the armstrong park jazz concert series. if ever thre was a specialty performer who should be highlighted for his his work that goes far beyond what i have mention, but i can say this that i have been to every essence festival since 1995 and been to the last 6 voodoo festivals and if yoou really want to have a master at the art of presentation it is the voice archie sampier. i know he won’t mind so his email is archiesampier@yahoo.com.