• Carole Carnovale

    What about the “Louisiana master plan for a sustainable coast”? Are the first projects of the plan underway? Are those seen as an answer to, or at least some progress toward, restoring the wetlands? What is VOW/Tab’s position on this?

  • Miriam

    What about he lives off the riches of his families’ oil machine business

  • j. d

    yeah… his million dollar tour bus his oil money bought…..

  • j. d

    maybe keep your family from robbing da land

  • Tansey

    Some people can’t be happy unless they complaining about something or someone. Tab Benoit’s family does have a machine shop. It’s how his family made a living. If I had parents with money to help me I wouldn’t turn it down, Would you? Seems that Tab has made his own way in life with his music. I don’t know Tab personally or his family but it certainly looks to me like they are giving back to the community. Tab has taken this cause on ,which is more than I can say for some people. So, it seems his ” family ” money & his Money is going to a good cause for our area. So don’t knock it. SUPPORT IT !!!. We can use all the help we can get no matter who’s doing the helping or how much money they have or what kind of business they are in.