• Cathy

    Great story! Thanks for sharing the story & pictures.
    Wish I knew them in those days. I did in the music.

    • Randy

      Thanks Cathy! I'm still trying to get parental permission to travel with a rock band myself.

  • Sue B. Dittmar

    Thanks “Offbeat” for allowing Randy Savoie to share his great writing talent for us readers and your fine magazine Hope to see more stories by Randy inyour magazine in the near feature. This was another very interesting and great article. My favorite all time song by the Allman Brothers was “Ramblin’ Man” . Wish I could of seen them in concert. Thanks again “Offbeat”!!!!

    • Randy

      Thank you for the kind words.

  • Angelemerald

    Very well written Randy, but very untrue. Things have changed. Things have changed very much. Go see the band, especially Gregg, and hear what I mean.

    • Randy

      I just wish we had a decent Classic Rock station in this city. Don't you?

  • burgerbrian

    I never saw Duane and that is a “regret” (I don't have many). This is a GREAT short read. Written in “third person” makes it particularly genuine. Duane Allman symbalizes everything that is REAL without regard for posture or status (what I wouldn't pay for one of those Coricidin bottles he used). The bit about smiling in jail when everyone else was “freaked” is priceless. I'm just going to say it ~ Derek Trucks was borne to play bottle slide for the Allman Brothers Band (among many other artistic endevours). He respects the Allman Legacy and with the help of Warren, Gregg, Jaimoe and Butch ~ builds on that legacy to create new and meaningful music. Thanks to all that conributed to this article.

    • Randy

      You are burgerbrian and you like features written in the second person. You feel every feature in Offbeat magazine in the future should be written in the second person. You think Randy Savoie is much too talented to be living under the bridge. You……

  • Great story!

  • Bo Shaffer

    Out of curiosity…..do you remember the light show for The Allman Bros when they played Tulane’s Homecoming in ’70? All 60’s oil-and-water-overhead-projector type light show?? That was me (well, I was the assistant). Can’t say as I remember seeing a 16 year old photographer around that night….but then there was a lot going on. I do recall hitting a joint backstage with a couple band members and a roadie or two…..then the acid kicked in. Did you ever make it to the Bayou room that night? See the eclipse on the wall? Four bands that night…and the Allmans weren’t the headliner…..

  • JMHC

    Got word the Allman Brothers were playing at Tulane’s homecoming dance.None of us were Tulane students but true fans.The four of us went before the gig started and asked the band if we could get into to hear them play.They were nice enough to let us walk in with them.The frats were clueless,but the Allman Brothers were great as always! We were there every time the played the Warehouse and at the batture in Audubon Park.Thanks for printing the story about one of the greatest bands ever!