The Buku Music & Art Project: Never Trust Anyone Over 25?



Amos Barshad of Grantland started a recent piece on Skrillex, “One thing about being 27 is that you’re definitely old enough to be allowed to flippantly dismiss things high school kids are into, but not necessarily old enough to want to flippantly dismiss things high school kids are into. Which brings us to last night, when Skrillex—the 23-year-old dubstep king beloved by a giant mass of those who are young and impetuous and full of life, to the confusion of sensible adults everywhere—played New York’s Webster Hall, and I was there.”

As the recent sad attempt by NARAS to celebrate the new Electronica/Dance Music category at the Grammy underscored, the largely songless, faceless music exists outside of traditional celebrity-oriented media, and its appeal is far broader than anyone over 27 gives it credit for. At Voodoo, Le Plur has become a festival inside the festival since Rehage Entertainment gave the dance stage a reboot in 2010, and Winter Circle Productions have held a number of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) shows that have packed venues with dubstep and other dance artists including Caspa and Pretty Lights, Cut Copy and Rusko without drawing much attention to themselves or their shows outside of their core audience.

On March 17 and 18, Winter Circle Productions presents the Buku Music & Art Project, a festival at Mardi Gras World next to the Convention Center with dubstep, hip-hop and other dance music represented by artists including Avicii, Wiz Khalifa, Diplo, Mord Fustang and Holy Fuck on the 17th, and Skrillex, Yelawolf, Porter Robinson and Big K.R.I.T. on the 18th. As for Skrillex and his appeal, even promoter Reeves Price struggles to put it into words. “He undoubtedly has a massive work ethic, evidenced by him having done 320 shows in 2011. His sound is definitely unique and tends to be a bit more aggressive than some others,” Price says. “I think it’s hard for even the most seasoned EDM fans and industry people to really nail down what it is that makes Skrillex special.”

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