• Grayce Assunto

    Shame on you Brett and OffBeat…next time do your homework as this band has been sued for lying about their false claims to knowing Frank Assunto and being connected to the Assunto Family and the real Dukes of Dixieland. Proof of that can be found by the fact they are celebrating a 40 year anniversary and not 65 years.

  • NOLA Girl

    I don’t think “big joe” is from Utah, I think he’s from Wisconsin.

  • Sharon Assunto

    I am officially disgusted…..

  • janramsey

    Note to the Assunto family: Have you read BOTH articles about the Dukes? There are two: one on the original band, one on the current incarnation. The legal issues between “The Real Dukes” and the “DUKES” is not something in which OffBeat can get involved. We are about the music. We have noted that there are unresolved legal issues, and I do understand. But the new band is not going away. Wouldn’t you rather have it be known how the band really started and have OffBeat honor the “real” band the way we’ve done this month? Would you have us do a story about the original band only and ignore the current band? That would not honor the LEGACY of the Assunto Dukes. I stand wholeheartedly behind both Brett Milano and Steve Steinberg’s articles, as we feel it covered the history of both bands fairly. We can’t assuage your pain at the loss of the name: You all should take pride in the fact that the band’s name at least lives on in New Orleans musical history, and that the Assuntos created something that will always be appreciated by jazz lovers.

    • Cathy Restarski

      I have been following the Assunto Dukes of Dixieland since first seeing them in person in 1958. The Real Dukes of Dixieland ended with the death of their leader and founder Fank J. Assunto.
      Please be aware that the new band started in 1974 has no connection with Frank Assunto’s Dukes of Dixeland. There was no signing over the band and their history to anyone. The Real Dukes band died when Frank died.
      It is criminal that the present “Dukes” are are using the Assunto Dukes famous name and try to attach themselved to the original band. There is no connection between the Assunto Dukes of Dixieland to the current band callling themselves the Duke of Dixeland.
      The band’s owner and founder John Shoup never had any contact or agreement with the Assunto heirs and he used the name Dukes of Dixieland because it brought him instant recognition and credibility from day one in 1974 when he started the phony Dukes that lasts to this day.
      Someone said that the Assunto famiy should be grateful that the bands name is being carried forward. That is B S, the Real Dukes ceased to exist February 25, 1974.with Frank Assuntos death at the early age of 42.
      The new group has used the history of the Assunto Dukes, bootlegged their albums, Louie and the Dukes remake with his band and Louie Armstrong on the album cover. Other falsehoods, his helping the Assunto family after Franks death in 1974, doing a fund raise with Al Hirt and Pete Fountain. Also his meeting with Frank in 1973, before his death, Shoup relates some story about Frank wanting someone to keep the band going. Why would Frank at 41-years old be taking to stranger about keeping the band alive.
      In closing, Shoup’s “Dukes” have no connection with the Assunto Dukes of Dixieland other than this man using the legacy of dead people to promote and perpetuate his musically marginal group.
      Know the truth!!
      Cathy & Joe Restarski

  • JIm Garrison

    Never let the truth stand in the way of a good press release. John Shoup = B.S. (everything)

  • JIm Garrison

    I love the quote from this infamous Bourbon Street phoney B.S. artist – “I don’t WANT THEM if they’re under 25 or over 60” . . . Yes Massa… Yes Massa Shoup… never done a gig right in his pampered phoney life… Just a user.

    • Deano Assunto

      Love it….thanks for speaking the truth.

  • Deano Assunto


    It is a fact that Frank and Freddie Assunto created and led the #1 Jazz Band in America from the early 1950’s through early 1974 known as The Dukes of Dixieland. They played and recorded with all the greats of their time and also appeared on numerous TV shows from the 1950’s through the 1960’s. Their untimely deaths, Freddie in 1966 (36) and Frank in 1974 (42), ended the reign of the Dukes of Dixieland. Decades later, on June 15, 2000, the Estate of Frank Assunto was forced to bring legal action to prevent the unauthorized use of the Assunto Brothers’ musical legacy and accomplishments by various individuals and/or entities. The facts of this case are public record in the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, Division “E,” Case # 2000-9440.

    So now the fact is very straight forward, after Frank Assunto’s death in 1974, no one using the Assunto legacy or the name Dukes of Dixieland has ever had any connection to the Assunto Brothers or their Dukes of Dixieland (even though in the past it had been advertised otherwise). As such, the Assunto Family regrets if anyone has been misled in any way as we have no control over the actions of others. We can only hope that after the conclusion of our legal actions which ended in October 2011, there should be no further confusion or misrepresentation of the Assunto Brothers or their Dukes of Dixieland. If by chance after October 2011 you feel you’ve been misled in anyway please feel free to contact the Assunto Family.

    God Bless and Thank You for being a fan of the Original Dukes of Dixieland and the Assunto Family.