• Sean O’Shah

    My friend and I went to New Orleans for five days and stayed for ten. Even that was too short to take it all in. The Spotted Cat is a top quality venue and Marla Dixon’s Shotgun Jazz Band are probably the best (and most charismatic) live act I have ever seen. Thanks for writing such an excellent article and for bringing it all back to life.

  • George Murphy

    Hi Steve, great article. You got to head up to Clarksdale Mississippi and do another article on the Blues. I remember the show quite well.

  • nita hemeter

    Don’t forget Buffas Jazz Brunch with Some Like it Hot Traditional Jazz Band. While not on Frenchmen Street it has become a great venue for the music of New Orleans. Many fine musicians perform there regularly. Some Like it Hot does a weekly Jazz Brunch 11am-2pm, and it has become the place to be on Sunday mornings. Lots of locals and visitors alike.

  • Claudia Petrilli

    The change in the scene goes also hand in hand with the resurgence of Lindy Hop and the fact that one of the best Lindy Hop events in the world – the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, happens in New Orleans. Not to mention that some of the best Lindy Hop instructors in North America live there. Every year, hundreds of dancers gather there in October and not only that, but Trad Jazz is in high demand everywhere in the world there’s a Lindy Hop scene.