• Randy Savoie

    My comment is that this about the most amazing piece of writing I've seen in years. This guy needs to write a book.

  • maroussia

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    http://ticketfront.com/event/Rock_&_Roll_Hall_O… looking forward to it.

  • lennywells

    I have many photographs from concerts at the warehouse and around New Orleans. As soon as I can digitize them I send them to you.

    • Randy

      Thanks Lenny!

  • Sue B. Dittmar

    This comment is long over due. Thank-you Offbeat for allowing Randy Savoie to share his gift of writing with us readers. This is by far one of the best pieces by Randy's that I have read. Hope to read more by Randy Savoie in your magazine in the future.

    • RaNDY


  • jessharai

    From ZZ Top playing the “all nighters” to the last night with the Talking Heads, (I did the house mix for the opening band, The Normals), the Warehouse was one of the greatest ever. This piece is the best I've ever seen written on the subject and does deserve expansion into a book. Sidney needs to be a big part of it!

    • RANDY

      Thanks Jess!….When I was a WRNO DJ many would tell me of their Warehouse experiences. Let's do the book. Randy

  • Johnny Loftis

    It was such a great place to hear music and was “the groovy place to be” a book would be great and I hope they have another warehouse re-visited show it was very cool!!

  • Telluridejeff

    Lenny — did you ever digitize these?  If so, please send a sample or two to me: telluridejeff@yahoo.com  Thanks. — Jeff Hale 

  • Anonymous

    No I haven’t. I am hesitant to send these out because, I lost about 1,000
    slides to Katrina and , I do not want to lose these.
    I also do not want them distributed without my knowledge or permission.
    I do need a few bylines/credits to qualify for the Louisiana Outdoor Writers
    But I don’t have, and cannot afford, I quality slide scanner.


  • Oldwarehouse

    THE STORY On January 30th 1970 the Warehouse opened it’s doors to thousands of fans to see The Flock, Fleetwood Mac and The Grateful Dead. In the ensuing twelve years some of the best musicians in the world would grace the stage. Including – The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Who, Jethro Tull, Rush, Dr. John many more.
    Forty years later, the old Warehouse is being revived, albeit in a new location. Joey Rickards, founder of The Old Warehouse, LLC, has created a new all age venue which he says will capture the magic of the historic Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas. This music and arts cultural center will be located in the same district as the original Warehouse,. Expert musical instruction will be provided to area youth by local performing artists. Rickards plans to provide the best legendary music education possible, as well as a recording studio , radio station. and the magic of great music-

  • Tomlredfield

    I took a few photos at the Warehouse, but with my near homeless life, it wlll take awhile to
    get them on the computer.  Thanks Sidney for preserving a very special place for a lot of
    very special people

  • Drove over from Gulfport, MS many times for concerts at the Warehouse. Go in, find a seat on the floor, meet new people & listen to amazing shows. Afterwards, everyone got up & wandered out. Great times!

  • What a great place filled with amazing music and people….Wonderful memories for me and many others

  • J W

    Of course, I remember Elton john on what may have been his first time in the states, 1971, I believe. He came out in red shorts, hot pants, I think they were called at the time, and to a packed house gave an amazing performance (solo, if my memory serves me). So, there we were sitting almost on the stage and he stops playing and goes into a rant. Something like: ‘ask for your money back, the sound in here is horrible’ and on and on. Apparently what he was hearing was not what we heard. Everybody shouted back, ‘no,no, it is great’, etc.. He kept playing and I guess, they must have figured out how to balance the sound for the musicians after that. Anyway, I saw some wonderful acts there and the Warehouse was so very New Orleans that it made us very happy. In every age, each group finds places to become their soundtrack. The Warehouse did it for us (along with F&M Patio, Laborers Union Hall and Eddie Prices, just to name a few).

    • dancinfool

      I thought he had on madras shorts and a white wifebeater t-shirt.