• TPerlic

    Good read…I think there is a untapped market out there that Treme/Threadheads/JFest folks can tap into, as Davis so accurately points out, it’s really a numbers game.

    I was one of the Threadheads that booked Paul and Tin Men last summer for a gig (I’m hopin’ he was talkin’ about my club, The Trolley Stop, when he made that comment!) Treme was only one of the reasons that we wanted to book Paul and the guys…but we certainly used the Treme “hook” to sell the show. We did what “Treme” talks about, we created a wonderful, genuine, New Orleans “moment” at our little club in Dayton, something that we’ll hopefully recreate in a number of midwest venues as time goes on.

    I’m hoping to start an effort that can create “mini-tours” for NOLA folks that will expose their great music to a much wider audience that may have never heard these great musicians before…I’ll be focused in the midwest for now, and planning on working w/Offbeat, Threadhead “nation,” and any other NOLA entity that can help build an audience outside of NOLA for these great artists of all music types. Communication is key, I’ll be @ JFest (May 2 – 8) and hopefully forwarding my plan while also collecting more NOLA moments for my wife and I!