• Harry Ballard

    Troy is, well let me tell ya about the time he and Orleans Avenue played a gig at Snug Harbor here in New Orleans around 2006. I noticed that Irvin Mayfield walked in carrying his trumpet. He walked on the bandstand and Troy let him come up and the battle was on. Troy was clearly on top the whole while. Troy is, and as long as I've known him, an aggressive musician. If you're gonna take him on, on his turf, you better on top of your game.

    Harry Ballard

  • fred sanders

    Jessie Hill was Troy's grandfather, not his uncle.

    • absolutely–just fixed, thanks for catching.

  • Cb

    I'm around he and his family often in NOLA and I remember after a recent jazz fest weekend gig when he came off stage, the first thing he asked me was “was the band tight, how did you like them?” That has really stuck with me because I was all ready to praise him for his excellent work being that I am a horn player myself. The young man is as humble and a genuine good person as can be which is not the norm for his age group these days. He deserves all the success that is coming his way. We believe he will win a grammy.

  • maxwellmc

    The man is a genius, plain and simple. We saw him at the taping of Austin City Limits last night and the guys burned down the house. Ivan Neville sat in on keys (and I'm a big Ivan fan) and he was clearly outplayed by Trombone Shorty and the rest of Orleans Ave. I can't wait to see the show when it comes out in October. Also around the same time is the ACL festival here in Austin that Trombone Shorty will be playing. I just plunked down $170 for a pair of 1 day tickets, just to see him again. (okay, the Eagles are playing that day too…)

  • Chrisrech

    you will get there no doubt!!!! where ever there is for u ……. i know i have been spreading the word