• noladiva

    I totally agree.

  • John Swenson

    Absolutely correct. I no longer attend, and will never write about it again, for exactly this reason.

  • redwriter

    The last time I went, the sound bleed was terrible, the security was so overbearing that they went through my wallet, I was stuck in flooding rain because umbrellas are forbidden, the toilets were hidden away with no toilet paper from the start and no antibacterial lotion or sink, there was so little light that I couldn’t find my way around after dark and there was no additional public transportation so I waited for an hour in the dark for a bus that never came. I was happy the last day was rained out so I could at least get a refund. Who wants to pay a few hundred bucks to be so miserable, especially when the line-up only has three or four bands I’ve ever heard of? This fest is designed for the tourists.

  • kmsoap

    As the festival loses its connection with the city, it is time to ask whether it is a good fit for us. It ties up a lot of lodging and keeps much of the other revenue self contained. Do we really need them to draw people to New Orleans for Halloween? Of course not.