Vox and the Hound: Vox on the Run

Vox and the Hound - New Orleans Indie Rock Band

Photo by Katrienne Soulagnet

Leo DeJesus can’t limit himself to the sidelines. Vox and the Hound started as yet another project for the former front man of the City Life and member of MyNameIsJohnMichael. He needed an outlet for the songs he was writing that weren’t right for MyNameIsJohnMichael but that were too good to pass up.

He recruited MyNameIsJohnMichael drummer Eric Rogers and began forming Vox and the Hound. “Leo and I got to cherry pick the band,” says Rogers. “We saw D-Ray [Daniel Ray, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist] playing a show and we knew we had to have him. Andrew Jarman [bassist] had expressed interest in playing with Leo, and Rory Callais [guitarist] and I were in a band together when we were younger. It was all a no-brainer.”

Immediately, the guys knew that this could work, despite their hectic schedules; “The musical chemistry was there and everything just happened when we got into the room,” said D-Ray.

Back when I was in The City Life, it was everyone’s first band,” DeJesus says. “It was much less collaboration and more of me teaching the band the songs. Vox is more mature. We all have a long resume of things done in the past.”

The band’s first show was during Foburg, where they played to a full house at Maison. After five months, however, the guys recognize the difficulties of being in several bands at once. “We don’t schedule a practice because we never know when we’ll be able to have another one,” says guitarist and OffBeat contributor Rory Callais. “But everything falls into place when we do get together.”

DeJesus keeps the band in perspective. “Our next show is August 27 at Republic and we have plans to record then as well,” he says. “For as much time as we’ve been together, overall, I like where we are.”