• Michael Lewis

    I want to see this film!!!

  • Michael Walter

    Booker’s music is like old wine: it is getting better and better over time.
    There is SOO much going on in his compositions, it is almost impossible to grasp all the details at once..
    I am playing his stuff for THIRTY YEARS now, and I am still discovering moves and chord progressions that blow my mind, leave alone create knots in my fingers.
    His musical bandwidth was only matched by a physical bandwidth of his fingers that could reach into eternity on the keyboard. We ‘normal’ people would need TWO pedals to get that far…
    Sadly I never met or saw him personally, despite having met many professional blues and boogie pianists in my life. Thanks to the internet and many tapes of contemporaries we have a wonderful chance to see and hear more of him today than anyone during his short life.
    My interest in Blues’n’Boogies started with the work of Jimmy Yancey and Montana Taylor, but I ended and literally got stuck in the study and endless depth of James C. Booker’s music.

    • kathleenzb

      So happy that the the documentary seems to have brought Booker fans out of the woodwork. I was just one of several executive producers. It was a film that absolutely had to be made!

  • dfox68

    Thanks for this fascinating read. I’ve only recently discovered his music and it enhances the experience to learn more about him. Great job!

  • Lynne Musgrove

    Now that is some beautiful writing Sir.