• Juju

    I’m one of many who met my husband at a Rads show. It’s all very bittersweet; I saw them for my last time a couple weeks ago and I had to make a conscious effort to keep it a celebration and not a funeral dirge.

  • Jim Dickey

    Like New Orleans after Katrina the Radiators have taken a licken’ and kept on kicken’. The boyz have a rhythm, a soul and a defiant attitude that make them a special band that is unique and one of a kind. They have made magic for more than thirty three and a third years. That’s a real good number.

  • Trouts

    At the shows last weekend at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, I can attest that what Ed Volker was hoping for “magic between the band members and audience” was certainly achieved IN SPADES. Some of the greatest musical moments I have witnessed. I too can be thanksful meny of my now long-time friends were met via mutual interest in this band, and subsequently many other bands from New Orleans. Huge thanks guys!

  • guest

    Radiators breaking up… that f*cking sucks Zeke!

  • Berack

    Article corrections so far: magazine pg 53: 1) Rads played The Krewe of Orpheus Ball not The Endymion Ball. 2) There were just 4 Sold-Out shows @ The Great American Music Hall in SF, not 3. NOTE: The Orpheus Ball show is for sale via this link: http://www.livedownloads.com/live-music/0,6115/The-Radiators-mp3-flac-download-3-7-2011-Orpheus-Ball-New-Orleans-LA.html.

  • Gary

    Cheers to a great bunch of guys and an awesome band.
    It was great to see them in South Florida for the last time and they will be sorely missed.

  • PAUL


  • jakebodhi

    So Long Boyz, And thanks for all the noyz!

  • Allen W./Heauxbeaux

    Thanks boys………..a lot of us are gone, but a lot of us are still hear!  In the dark, in the night.  You may not always see us, but we always see you. So many memories over 33 years…..and I still have the kitchen tape.  Bett/Queenie and I always have you in our hearts.

  • Jjpavis

    Best bar band ever….ever!