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Five Questions with MidCitizen Entertainment Co-founder Reid Martin

Simple Play Presents’ artist-management team of Reid Martin, Tavia Osbey and Max Bonanno has announced the launch of a new firm, MidCitizen Entertainment. With a roster including Big Freedia, Tank […]

Partners-N-Crime: 25 years of bouncing beyond expectations

Last November, New Orleans rap progenitors Partners-N-Crime (comprised of Michael “Mr. Meana” Patterson and Walter “Kango Slim” Williams) toasted to their 25th anniversary with a concert at the Joy Theater […]

Second to None: Dancing Man 504 leads the way

An eight-year-old boy fell in love with movement near the intersection of Orleans and Claiborne, where he watched Mardi Gras Indians parade by, chanting the stories of generations. The little […]

My Music: Don Flamingo

“When I was a kid, my mama gave me a dollar and told me to go buy whatever I wanted. So I went and bought candy. When I got back […]

Barking All Over: Danny Barker Banjo and Guitar Festival

With a career spanning more than seven decades, banjo virtuoso Danny Barker mentored generations of New Orleans musicians and is the namesake for the fourth annual Danny Barker Banjo and […]

Tricky Repertoire: The Soul Rebels step out of the box

Since the late 1990s, the Soul Rebels brass band has forged its own brand of New Orleans music. The eight-piece outfit may look like a traditional brass band, but the […]

Towards the Sun: Pell plants the seeds for New Orleans’ hip-hop resurgence.

Since emerging out of its primordial ooze in Congo Square, American music of the African diaspora has thrived to such a degree that hip-hop is arguably the world’s dominant culture. […]

Soundcheck: Five Questions with Benjamin Booker

What’s your favorite decade of the blues? Probably the 1920s. I never got into electric blues, the Chicago style or later stuff like Eric Clapton. The reason I got into […]