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Bourbon Cowboys, A Taste for Whiskey (Independent)

This here’s a tale of two country albums. Gill Landry’s new record is a walk on the wild side, while the Bourbon Cowboys offer a more mainstream, rocking country show. […]

Do You Know…The Underdawgs?

Who: With members from the Cosmic Sweat Society, the Neville Brothers and alumni from Rebirth Brass Band and Big Sam’s Funky Nation, the Underdawgs possess a fine pedigree. The rhythm […]

Do You Know…Metronome The City?

Who: Metronome The City is a four-piece instrumental rock band consisting of locals William Gilbert, Patrick Condon, Brad Theard and Marc LaPorte, several of whom are Loyola graduates. The band […]

The Best Medicine

Art courtesy of Peter Bagge (cartoonish second line poster) “Katrina killed my mom,” says New Orleans comedian/musician P.H. Fred’s MySpace page. In fact, his mother died of natural causes in […]

Online Duets

When Jeff Albert released his latest album — a collaborative effort between himself on trombone and Ed Barrett on guitar entitled Duets Volume I — it didn’t create headlines. No […]

Disco Biscuits, The Wind at Four to Fly (Dig)

Culled from some of drummer Sam Altman’s last performances before leaving the group, The Wind at Four to Fly seems like an identity statement more than anything else: This is […]

Bart Ramsey, Cafe Amnesia (Jumping Man)

Bart Ramsey’s Café Amnesia doesn’t fit comfortably in any one genre. His piano playing has a jazz flavor, while his thoughtful, reflective lyrics suggest a singer-songwriter background. “The Carpenter,” for […]