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Four (or Three or Two) in One

Bernard Pearce of One Man Machine began as the lone man. He was frustrated by his difficulty finding workable bandmates for the multimedia act he had in mind. Pearce wanted […]

Nomadic Sun, Nomadic Sun (The Shack)

With its overly honest lyrics and ambient sound, Nomadic Sun does stick out as one of New Orleans’ few “electronic” groups. But, while sometimes Nomadic Sun features live guest musicians […]

The New Orleans Bingo! Show, Vol II: For a Life Ever Bright (Independent)

Whether it’s the music box lullaby that ends “In a Lounge with Broken Wings,” numerous circus and burlesque scores, or what sounds like ukulele and kazoo in “Shoeshine Blues,” there’s […]

A Little Bit of Myself in Japan

Myself is big in Japan. Before Alphaville recorded the song by that name, the phrase “Big in Japan” connoted a niche celebrity status. MTV in America may not be playing […]

Amanda Henkel, Amanda Henkel (Desire Street)

  There are two kinds of relationships with country music. You either love it or you hate it. I have tended toward the latter, but here we have Slidell-native Amanda […]

On the Road Again-Or Not

With gas prices passing the four-dollar mark in New Orleans, everybody has to think twice about driving. Because the road is where many bands make their money, they’re feeling the […]

Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza (Heads Up)

You don’t hear of many female bassists, but Esperanza Spalding headlines in her dual role on vocals and “doolin bass.” With a shadow of Astrud Gilberto’s voice half a century […]