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Various Artists, “United Bakery Records Revue I” (United Bakery Records)

The first track of the United Bakery Records Revue is a gong—a 12-second fade in and out of a resonating brass “bonggg.” It served its purpose and drew my attention […]

Willem & Dakota, “Basically, Anyway” (Independent)

Willem & Dakota’s Basically, Anyway is a slightly addictive, sometimes haunting, always hopeful 14 song CD. The band is Willem McCormick on guitar, bass and vocals; Dakota Emerson on vocals […]

Mighty Brother, “The Vibe” (Independent)

Taking inspirational cues from the Crescent City, Mighty Brother’s five-song five-piece line-up EP The Vibe showcases the band’s musical adaptability, songwriting skills and grasp of putting it all together. The […]