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Voodoo 2009: Down Home

“The closest who need you (and) the closest surrounding you will walk away and when we walk away there will be no coming home.” Down has seen the world. It […]

Something Precious: Down, Eyehategod and “Precious Metal”

Metal. The horns. The scary kids screaming about Satan or shooting heroin into their eyes, the ones who corrupt the youth of tomorrow into blindly following their anti-leaders dressed in […]

Becca Rice, Becca Rice (Backporch Revolution)

When Wes Anderson begins the search for the soundtrack for his next suicide scene, I’d like to speak on behalf of Becca Rice and her ability to conjure up emotions […]

Impulss, Category Shybe (Independent)

A local clothing company has a shirt that says, “New Orleans, so far behind, we’re ahead” and in the case for most of the local hip-hop that rings half true. […]

I Love a Parade

It’s been almost four years since the cynical watchdogs known as the Nolafugees started lampooning everything governmentally sketchy or socially condemnable in post-Katrina New Orleans, and the hits keep coming. […]

Jermaine Quiz, Live in New Orleans (mixtape)

While New Orleans is known for being the home of dirty, in your face live shows of the most eclectic variety, it’s always a real treat to discover something on […]

Let the Healing Begin

If there is any New Orleans pedigree that an unknown musician could ever hope to shoot for in their corner, Josh Charles landed it. Having the world famous Dr. John […]