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Bag of Donuts, “Superpop” (Independent)

There’s cover bands, and there’s cover bands. Bag of Donuts is arguably the most popular one in town, because they have the most fun with the format—from their Kiss-inspired stage […]

The Revealers, “One World” (Independent)

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Revealers’ greatest hit, “The Sound of That”: With its infectious funk/reggae groove, uplifting feel and killer chorus hook, there ain’t a lot […]

The Lonesome Doves, “Waiting for Stars” (Independent)

Can you really use one more downcast country-folk album with funereal slow tempos, standup bass, and a haunted-sounding female singer? If the singer is Erika Lewis of Tuba Skinny, sure. […]

Margie Perez, “Love Is All” (Threadhead Records)

This album’s title track (which Perez co-wrote with Paul Sanchez) was high on my personal playlist toward the end of the year, thanks to its generous and hopeful sentiments. It’s […]

Harmonouche, “NolAmour” (Independent)

There’s a lot going on in Harmonouche’s music—for one thing, they’re about the only non-blues band I can think of that’s led by a harmonica player, and they have four […]

The Masakowski Family, “N.O. Escape” (Independent)

Given the amount of talent involved, the Masakowski clan didn’t need to stretch very hard to make a good record. But they did anyway, and came up with something a […]

James Martin, “Something’s Gotta Give” (Independent)

“It ain’t nothing you don’t already know,” singer/saxophonist James Martin declares at the start of this disc. And musically speaking, he’s right: The song lodges in a familiar, yet enjoyable […]

10 Songs We Need to Hear in 2017

Some of the songs on this month’s playlist are good ones we may have overlooked when released last year; others are ones that recent events just seem to call for. […]

Rewind: Paul Sanchez, “Jet Black and Jealous” (PSM/Little Fish Platters)

“Most of it was recorded in 1989. I was in New York, making friends with people in the anti-folk scene. During the mid-’80s a few people got together—Roger Manning, Brenda […]

Kristin Hersh, “Wyatt at the Coyote Palace” (Cash Music)

Kristin Hersh makes albums you have to think about, which can be the commercial kiss of death (and in her case, has been for 30 years and counting). Which doesn’t […]