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The New Orleans Jazz Vipers, “Live & Viperizin’” (Independent)

The Jazz Vipers helped to inaugurate the traditional jazz scene on Frenchmen Street, and their music embodies that scene’s attitude: Be respectful with your sources, but don’t forget to have […]

Sweet Crude, “Créatures” (Rhyme & Reason)

The sound that Sweet Crude have isn’t one that you can sit down and design: If you throw Cajun traditional music, Gabriel-esque world pop, tribal drumming and ’60s sunshine harmonies […]

Darcy Malone & the Tangle, “Make Me Over” (Independent)

Now this is the way to do it: When your band is hot from a year of continuous gigging, you head into the studio and make a slam-bang, knock-you-over-the-head EP. […]

King James & the Special Men, “Act Like You Know” (Independent)

If one song could encompass everything great about New Orleans music… Well, it would have to be a really long song. “9th Ward Blues,” which closes King James & the […]

Kristin Diable releases fresh cover to benefit Roots of Music

Few songs are more quintessentially Southern than JJ Cale’s “Magnolia,” and few voices more so than Kristin Diable’s. So it makes sense that Diable recorded the song and released it […]

Blato Zlato, “Swamp Gold” (Independent)

Even in a city that’s renowned for combining everything with everything else, this one’s a little surprising. Blato Zilato bill themselves as a band putting a Cajun spin on Balkan […]

Greg Schatz, “Small Peace of Mind” (Independent)

There was a time when singer-songwriters were assumed to be sensitive, which usually meant they were angst-ridden or at least lovelorn. Not the case with Greg Schatz—who may well be […]

Shawn Williams, “Shadow” (Independent)

If you’ve ever been to the “Stella”-shouting contest that happens in Jackson Square to honor Tennessee Williams every March, you’ll understand why Shawn Williams’ “Stella” is a song that needed […]

Confident and In Control: Mia Borders is doing something right

Some artists’ Jazz Fest debuts are triumphs, some are disasters, and some are life-changing experiences. It was all the above for Mia Borders, who played her first Fest in 2010 […]

Fest Focus: Kim Carson

FRIDAY, APRIL 28—LAGNIAPPE STAGE, 4:20 P.M. If you don’t always see Kim Carson in New Orleans, that’s because she spends part of her year out of the country: She’s in […]