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300 Songs for 300 Years: Louisiana roots

Festival time is upon us, which makes this an appropriate time to deal some of the most timeless New Orleans music. For this month’s 300 Songs installment, we go back […]

Zoukeys, “Senzorga” (Speak Jolly)

You’d expect a New Orleans fusion band to be eclectic, and Zoukeys are just a little more so. The five songs on their debut EP include a taste of progressive […]

DiNola, “Up High” (Saustex)

You can’t say too much about a disc whose best song is called “Shut Up,” and DiNola are the type of band that you’d rather just play really loud. Led […]

Raw and Nervy: Sonia Tetlow’s sense of optimism

When Sonia Tetlow started playing around town, doing raw and nervy songs with an acoustic guitar, she got told she was too rock for folk and too folk for rock. […]

300 Songs for 300 Years: Mardi Gras songs

Welcome to what may be the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken here at OffBeat. As promised last month, in honor of the 300th birthday of New Orleans, we’re going […]

Positive Vibrations HeartBeat Award (Musician): Anders Osborne

When Anders Osborne started his Send Me a Friend foundation last year, he had a simple goal: He wanted musicians in recovery from substance addiction to continue working as musicians. […]

Bon Voyage!: Music on the High Seas

The coming months will find a few local favorites taking to the high seas. Concert cruises have become a big deal in recent years, one of the ultimate indulgences for […]

Hot Like the Sun: The Revivalists celebrate at home

When do you know that your band is really making it? When strangers at the airport start pointing you out? When half the radio stations in the country seem to […]

The Fats Domino Starter Mix

Nobody should have to settle for ten Fats Domino songs, since the man left us such an embarrassment of riches (and the last we checked, the hundred-song Imperial box could […]

Echoes of Laurel Canyon: Susan Cowsill’s new series

Susan Cowsill is usually associated with two cities: Newport, Rhode Island, the original home of her singing family, and New Orleans, her home for the past two decades. But some […]