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Confident and In Control: Mia Borders is doing something right

Some artists’ Jazz Fest debuts are triumphs, some are disasters, and some are life-changing experiences. It was all the above for Mia Borders, who played her first Fest in 2010 […]

Fest Focus: Kim Carson

FRIDAY, APRIL 28—LAGNIAPPE STAGE, 4:20 P.M. If you don’t always see Kim Carson in New Orleans, that’s because she spends part of her year out of the country: She’s in […]

Fest Focus: The Iguanas

THURSDAY, MAY 4—FAIS DO-DO STAGE, 2:55 P.M. If you want to give your visiting friends one of those quintessential New Orleans music experiences, just take them to the Circle Bar […]

Fest Focus: The Revealers

FRIDAY, APRIL 28—CONGO SQUARE STAGE, 11:20 A.M. “We’re in New Orleans, man.” According to leader Chris “DeRoc” DeBose, that explains a lot about the Revealers—including their hanging onto a recognizable […]

Preservation Propagation: Preservation Hall Jazz Band has left the museum behind

If there’s one thing you don’t expect to see at Preservation Hall, it’s David Bowie—hundreds of David Bowies in fact, in every incarnation from Ziggy Stardust on up to Lazarus. […]

Life Is A Ride: Chris Joseph’s Tears Of Healing

Whether you’ve ever met the man or not—and since he lives in Los Angeles, odds are you haven’t—New Orleans music owes a lot to Chris Joseph. Back in 2006, he […]

Debbie Davis & Josh Paxton, “Vices & Virtues—A Live Record” (Independent)

Debbie Davis has always been a musical polymath, with a wide-open definition of what qualifies as a jazz song: Material on this live disc ranges from Duke Ellington to the […]

Sam Price & the True Believers, “Sam Price & the True Believers” (Independent)

Some people make solo albums so they can do something much different than their regular band; others do it just because the band already has enough material. The solo-band debut […]

Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band, “Live at the Spotted Cat” (Independent)

As George Carlin once said, the phrase “jumbo shrimp” is a contradiction in terms. As Carlin didn’t say, so is a progressive traditional band. But the Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band […]

Bag of Donuts, “Superpop” (Independent)

There’s cover bands, and there’s cover bands. Bag of Donuts is arguably the most popular one in town, because they have the most fun with the format—from their Kiss-inspired stage […]