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Diablo’s Horns, Burnin’! (Word of Mouth)

This funky album has a lot going for it, but the best thing about it is… the lyrics? Not something you’d often say about an album in this genre, but […]

Graham Parker and the Rumor Co-Founder Revisits Pub Rock Roots

Since moving to New Orleans two decades ago, Leeds, U.K.-born Bob Andrews has been visible as a solo piano “professor,” journeyman keyboardist, and band member (for John Mooney, Alex McMurray […]

The New Orleans Suspects, The New Orleans Suspects (Independent)

If there’s any doubt the New Orleans Suspects are the best kind of throwback, check the funky, jubilant version of the traditional hymn “Jesus on the Mainline” that closes their […]

Scott Cooper, A Leg Trick (Independent)

Perfectionists like Peter Gabriel and Steely Dan may spend years on an album, but Bay Area musician Scott Cooper has got them beat: The initial tracks on his debut CD […]

Cowboy Mouth, This Train… (Independent)

National success and ‘90s radio hits proved a mixed blessing for Cowboy Mouth. Before the twin breakthroughs of “Jenny Says” and “Whatcha Gonna Do,” they were an all-for-one band with […]

The Sugarman Three, What the World Needs Now (Daptone Records)

It’s been a full decade since the last Sugarman Three album, and a lot’s happened in that time. Daptone has risen from an upstart label to spearhead an underground funk […]

The Iguanas, Sin to Sin (PFAM Records)

After playing to crowded clubs for the better part of two decades, the Iguanas have likely witnessed a good sin or two. Sin to Sin, their first disc in four […]

Ryan Montbleau, For Higher (Blue’s Mountain Records)

By now there’s nothing unusual about seeing heavy hitters like Ivan Neville, Anders Osborne, and George Porter Jr. on a New Orleans album’s credits. The surprise here is that they’re […]

The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown, Volume 1 (Getdown Entertainment)

During the late ‘60s/early ‘70s heyday of Parliament/Funkadelic, George Clinton would regularly herd a few dozen musicians into the studio without a real game plan, let the jams flow with […]

C.J. Chenier, Can’t Sit Down (World Village Records)

C.J. Chenier’s last album, The Desperate Kingdom of Love, went about as far outside the zydeco mainstream as you can get—ominous title, PJ Harvey title track, generally downbeat feel. But […]