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Saints/Seahawks Preview: Things Get Wild

Wild Card Weekend Results: 6. New York Jets @ 3. Indianapolis Colts:  Colts 31, Jets 30. 5. Baltimore Ravens @ 4. Kansas City Chiefs:  Chiefs 24, Ravens 17. 6. Green Bay Packers @ 3. Philadelphia Eagles: Eagles 14, Packers 7. And the one we care about, according to Madden: 5. NOR @ 4. SEA 1/8/11, [...]

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Madden on the Saints in the Playoffs

WILD CARD ROUND #6 Jacksonville @ #3 Indianapolis: Indy wins the rubber match at home. #5 Baltimore @ #4 Kansas City: Ravens win on “been here before”. #6 Philadelphia @ #3 Chicago: Philly has too many playmakers. #5 New Orleans @ #4 St. Louis: Rematch goes worse for Rams than the first bout.   DIVISIONAL [...]

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Saints/Buccaneers Preview: Tampa 2

Whoa. Duuuude. That was close. Really close. Waayyyy closer than it should have been. I really thought the Saints would march into Atlanta and burn the Georgia Dome down like General Sherman. But the men in black seem to find themselves in these supertight, last drive decides it, oh-my-God-how’s-it-gonna-end games a lot this year. Eight [...]

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Saints/Falcons Preview: Running Up the Score

Well that was rough. The Saints defense spotted the Ravens 21 points before settling down to hold them to three field goals the rest of the way. But it put Brees and the offense in the position of having to throw a million times versus about two rushing attempts. Sean Payton clearly had the idea [...]

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Saints/Ravens Preview: Statement Time

Just when you thought the Saints were going to let yet another team climb back into the game, Malcolm Jenkins takes the ball, and the momentum, back to the Saints’ side permanently. That’s twice in three weeks he’s turned around a game with one play. Big plays on both offense and defense. Special teams turns [...]

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Saints/Rams Preview: Will This Be the Week?

Wow. Hoo boy. That. Was. Amazing. The Bengals game was yet another thrill ride – but not the fun kind. The worst kind. You know when you’re a kid and the roller coaster has a sign that says “You must be this tall to ride”? Somehow, you get on it even though you’re not quite [...]

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Saints/Bengals Preview: Joe Buck’s Not That Into Us

Thanks to Phillip H. Anselmo for covering for me last week with a thrilling wrap-up of last week’s Saintsgiving day miracle. After millions of Saints fans came back to the Thanksgiving table, apologized for screaming at cousin Louie’s punk-ass five-year-old Cowboys fan (“Not in my house, kid! What? Shut up Louie, she needs to hear [...]

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Madden 11 Predicts the Saints in December

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS AT CINCINNATI BENGALS, DEC. 5 It’s snowing in Cincinnati; seems like it should be an advantage for the Bengals. But the Saints get up on them early 17-0 thanks to a heavy dose of Pierre Thomas (crossing my fingers he’s back by now) and Marcus Colston. The Who Deys make a game [...]

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Saints/Cowboys Preview: Turnovers, not Pie, for Dessert

Despite Brees’ four touchdowns in the big win over Seattle, both his and Coach Payton’s post game comments were of the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” variety. They woulda been happier if they coulda put the game away in the first half, and they shoulda scored at least 17 more points – Julius Jones’ called back TD [...]

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Saints/Seahawks Preview: Life After Bye Week

Bye week. Time to get healthy. Refresh the body, refresh the mind, prepare for the run before the stretch run. And I hope the Saints are taking advantage of the bye week too! Badum-dum! Ha-cha-cha-cha chah! Last Sunday was weird. I went to the Po-Boy Fest with the wife and didn’t think about football all [...]

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