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The HooDoo Loungers, Head & Heart & Hips (Independent)

With their latest release, Head & Heart & Hips, East Coast–based the HooDoo Loungers effectively combine many of the musical styles that grace the local clubs (and streets) of New […]

The Abitals, The Abitals (Independent)

  Direct from Abita Springs, the Abitals deliver a straight-ahead unpretentious rock ’n’ roll album. While they may tip their hat to the lads from Liverpool, this is music clearly […]

Garden District Trio, Upward (DHMP Records)

All Original David Hansen There’s something very comfortable about this recording, almost as if it sparks memories of familiar grooves stored in our collective DNA. Whatever it may be, things […]

Ric Robertson, The Fool, The Friend (Independent)

Throughout his debut release, Ric Robertson pairs well-crafted songs with an easy going vocal performance reminiscent of Paul Simon. The fact that The Fool, The Friend is Robertson’s debut surely […]

Jason Schell Band, To the Hunt (Independent)

Jason Schell’s latest release, To the Hunt, is a fun-filled tribute to life in the sportsman’s paradise, and as one might expect, Schell creates images that will ring true to […]

The Quickening, “Begin Again” (Independent)

The Quickening is another in a long line of stellar funk bands to come out of New Orleans, and while they mine that deep well of classic New Orleans funk, […]

Dave James, “Used Records” (Independent)

Dave James’ Used Records is an unusual amalgamation of musical styles that combines acerbic wit and a wry sense of humor. Interspersed throughout are three short instrumental passages that keep […]

Steve Murrell, Elysian Fields (Independent)

Steve Murrell’s Elysian Fields was a long time in the making and features all original songs from Murrell and company. Things kick off with “All That I Needed,” in which […]

Brother Dege, Farmer’s Almanac (Psyouthern Records)

Farmer’s Almanac, the latest release from Brother Dege, is appropriately titled. This is music that feels of the earth… this is working man’s music. Not a nine to five working […]

Gregory Agid Quartet, Jamz (Bubble Bath)

The latest release from Gregory Agid is drenched in the warm and playful tone of Agid’s clarinet, and one cannot help but wonder why the instrument is so underrepresented in […]