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Local Brews

When the weather gets hot, thoughts turn to things both cool and refreshing. Cold soups, chilled seafood and salads are all popular this time of year. And when it comes to washing it all down, beer is often the beverage of choice. It not only quenches the thirst but also goes extremely well with the [...]

Tasting the Greek

Most every year at this time I venture up to Chicago to attend the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Show. For people in the food business, it is the show of all shows. All four floors of the monstrous McCormick Place Convention Center are filled with the latest in food equipment, products, literature, gimmicks, etc. Besides [...]

Food Festing

While most people look forward to the music that the Jazz Fest provides, many people also are licking their chops at the prospect of devouring the “fest food” that’s available at the Fair Grounds. As with most other events that take place in New Orleans, there will be lots of great food. Many area restaurants [...]

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The amount of seafood, and the quality of it, that is consumed in New Orleans is staggering. In particular, the volume of certain shellfish—crabs, crawfish, shrimp and oysters, in particular—that is served in restaurants each week is enormous. Out of all the shellfish produced in our waters, the oyster is my personal favorite. Perhaps this [...]


Is pizza America’s favorite food? If not, then it sure runs a close second to the hamburger. People take pizza more seriously than any other type of food. No doubt the surest way for a food writer to get into hot water is to proclaim a pizza as “the best in town.” Pizza probably generates [...]

Jazz Brunches

Is there any other U.S. city that brings to mind both fine music and good food as this city does? New Orleans and jazz are synonymous. New Orleans and food are also synonymous. And there is an abundance of both. So what better way to enjoy the best that the city has to offer than [...]

Crescent City Brewhouse: New Brew

Finally. A brewpub will finally open in New Orleans. Serious beer drinkers who have witnessed the success of the brewpub and micro brewery phenomenon around the country can now rejoice. Louisiana, like many other states, until recently had laws in place that prohibited establishments from both brewing and serving beer on the premises. Now that [...]

Exotic Edibles: Ethnic Restaurants

New Orleans is unique in that it is able to offer two distinct regional cuisines, and also has enough restaurants falling under the “ethnic” categories to keep restaurant-goers both interested and occupied. A study conducted by the National Restaurant Association on the popularity of various types of ethnic foods in cities across the country showed [...]

Island Cuisine

June offers unusual opportunities for celebrating our Caribbean connection through festivals featuring reggae and related music. In order to get the full benefit of all this, June is also a good time to check out this city’s Caribbean restaurants as well, if you haven’t already. A trip to any of these restaurants will surely heighten [...]