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Voodoo Experience Highlight: Red Baraat

When Sunny Jain found inspiration to create Red Baraat, a funky bhangra brass band led by his dhol’s high-energy Punjab rhythms, he did not realize he was designing a band […]

Better Than Ezra and The Ezra Open

In the ’90s, Better Than Ezra produced Billboard hits such as “Good” and “The King of New Orleans,” but in the 2000s, the band dedicated much of its time to […]

Trevor Hall Gets it Right at the House of Blues

Trevor Hall, smiling and slightly embarrassed, brought his song to a screeching halt before the first verse was finished. “Wait, wait, those weren’t the right lyrics,” he admitted, grinning toward […]

Billy Iuso, Trippin’ (Independent)

In an era of music when imitation is as important as innovation, Billy Iuso shows his ability to do both while maintaining a sound that has developed a solid identity […]

Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame: Feathers in Their Caps

The Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame Crystal Feather Awards Ceremony honors Mardi Gras Indians and community members alike are honored for their dedication to preserving the traditions and culture […]