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The Gravy

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Debbie Davis

“I don’t think I ever did learn to cook, honestly. I just made up a bunch of stuff as I went along. It’s something I started doing out of necessity. […]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Julia Lashae

“My family is from south Texas and my grandfather got a job with Gulf Oil. They had oil camps down in the countries where they had their oil fields, and […]

Shaye Cohn Hits the Spot at Mona’s Cafe and Deli

Mona’s Café and Deli 504 Frenchmen St. (504) 949-4115   Why do you come here? I’m on Frenchmen Street so much. I’m either playing at the Spotted Cat or at […]

Rik Slave Hits the Spot at Herbsaint

Herbsaint 701 St. Charles Ave. (504) 524-4114 Didn’t you use to work here? I did. In January, I went over to Cochon Butcher and became the shop manager over there. […]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Sophie Lee

Korean food is a lot of little dishes, basically tapas, but they call it banchan. You have your bowl of rice and then all around you are all the little […]

Mark Braud Hits the Spot at Dooky Chase’s

Dooky Chase 2301 Orleans Ave (504) 821-0600 Why Dooky Chase? I remember the first time I came here. I was in my early teens and came with my parents. My […]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Rick Olivier

I was kind of an afterthought in my family. My parents were both 43 when I was born and I have three older sisters. Consequently, my mom spoiled me. Did […]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Greg Schatz

“I worked at restaurants coming up, several of them. I worked at a few vegetarian restaurants in Ithaca, New York, my hometown, and I worked at a deli run by […]

June Yamagishi Hits the Spot at Mojo Coffee House

Mojo Coffeehouse 1500 Magazine St (504) 525-2244   Why Mojo? You know, I was playing with Henry Butler every Tuesday at Tipitina’s in the French Quarter and somebody asked for […]

The Gravy: In the Kitchen with Johnette Downing

“I learned to cook from my grandmother who lived in St. Amant, near Gonzales. She was Creole—French, Spanish and Native American—and she was the best cook. The only thing I […]