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Grape Expectations: Local wine stores pick their favorite grapes and wines

French wines are famously all about the terroir, that magical mixutre of soil, sun and slopes—and the occasional eau du pied, from traditional grape trampling by weathered human feet. On […]

Serving the Servers: Restaurant Saba’s Suzi Darré Takes Care of the People in the Kitchen and on the Floor

Before joining the team at Pomegranate Hospitality as Director of People & Culture, Suzi Darré oversaw human resources departments at several high profile hotels. OffBeat checked in with her on her new […]

Chef Frank Brigtsen on Brigtsen’s Blackened Yellowfin Tuna

Which of your dishes says the most about you?   Although we’re known for many things, the dish I have to choose is our blackened tuna with smoked corn sauce, […]

Maggie Morgan at Manolito

“I picked Jarboe, a musician who’d sing with Swans and Neurosis in the ’80s, but also does a lot of experimental rock and has released like 11 albums, still under […]

Chef Nina Compton on Compère Lapin’s Curried Goat

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? The curried goat really encompasses me as a chef. Because goat is something I grew up with, it’s […]

Margot Denman at N7

“I made a cocktail for Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington because when I first moved to New Orleans I got a job at Boucherie uptown and one of my regulars was Hank […]

In The Spirit with Crystal Pavlas at Bywater American Bistro

“I picked Louis Prima to be my inspiration for this cocktail because I think he represents New Orleans and a lot of the Italian influences on our cuisine and on […]

SOUNDCHECK: Five Questions with Chef Kevin Belton

You’re back on WYES-TV/Channel 12 with Kevin Belton’s New Orleans Kitchen, following on New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton two years ago. What do you get to do now that […]

The Dish: Chef Susan Spicer on Bayona’s Crispy Smoked Quail Salad

Which of the dishes on your menu says the most about you? I would probably say the smoked quail salad. Because I love birds. I like to eat birds, I […]

In the Spirit with Missy Cross at St. Cecilia

“For this cocktail, I start by pouring a double shot of espresso over ice before adding the other ingredients. Then I’m ready to shake it up. Because this is a […]