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Serving Us Right: Ashley Roussel left the volleyball court for the kitchen

Growing up in Lafayette placed Ashley Roussel in close proximity to food, farms and sports. Her dad was a quarterback for the Ragin’ Cajuns and “the best cook I knew,” […]

Beth Patterson hits the spot at Ikura Hibachi & Sushi

Is there any sushi you won’t eat? Lately, on principle, I’ve stopped eating octopus because they’re so intelligent and I love the animal so much. Also, it’s a symbol of […]

Sugar Rush: Using Louisiana cane sugar, Lula keeps local spirits up

When Lula opened its doors last February, New Orleans and all of the Deep South got something new—a restaurant that’s also a distillery. Operating much like a brewpub, the making […]

Seven Three Distilling: A bottle for every neighborhood

Hiding in plain sight in a warehouse on the corner of Claiborne Avenue and Bienville Street in the Treme, Seven Three Distilling has grand plans for New Orleans. Reflected in […]

Erica Falls hits the Spot at Mona’s Cafe

What are you having? The grilled chicken salad; I love it! I normally get this and the hummus with the pita. And you prefer the chicken kebab over the chicken […]

In the Spirit: Ashleigh Ruedinger at DTB

“I just moved here from Florida three months ago. Worked as a beverage director and bar manager down at a little place in Delray Beach called Max’s Harvest. Delray is about […]

From Pies to Dishes: Mimi Assad is the new executive chef at Bar Frances

Rising through New Orleans’ restaurant ranks, Mimi Assad first came on OffBeat’s radar as the gifted baker behind the yummy pies at the recently shuttered Noodle & Pie on Magazine […]

Five Questions with Scott Gold, local food writer and national bacon critic

You’re reaching the end of your appointment as a national bacon critic for ExtraCrispy.com. Please remind us how you got the job last year? Sixteen hundred people applied for this […]

Martin Krusche Hits the Spot

What are you eating? I always get the Pho Tai, with the thinly sliced raw beef that’s just dropped in the hot soup. You can get big or small—small is […]

Emma Jane Kulowski at Paladar

“I love Kermit—a lot. He’s one of my top five people. He embodies everything I love about New Orleans—fun, good times. He’s a really sweet guy and I love hanging […]