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Bandaloo Music Community to Launch in New Orleans in March 2014

Boasting “Connect, collaborate, create music” as its mantra, Bandaloo is a new national model for exploring music through community that will launch in New Orleans the last weekend in March. […]

All GLAAD About Big Freedia

National audiences and leading media-industry figures seem to be figuring out what OffBeat readers—who voted Big Freedia as Best Bounce Artist for January’s Best of the Beat Awards—that the undisputed, […]

My Music: The UpStarts’ Ian Cunningham

“That Last Waltz [The Band tribute show in December at One Eyed Jacks] was such a cool ensemble piece where all these different people from all these different musical genres […]

My Music: Vanessa “Gal Holiday” Niemann

“I’m from western Maryland, where there’s a lot of bluegrass music. My mom is a classically trained opera singer. She met my stepdad playing jazz music together. They always did […]

Earl Long, Term Two (ShamGORILla Records)

Give this new vinyl release a spin while alone on a stormy night and you’ll scare yourself to sleep. In a good way. Such is the touch of seasoned experimental […]

Che Prasad, Shiva Me Timbers (Independent)

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Che Prasad on this solid Nola-infused release showcases remarkable musical and lyrical dexterity as he expertly moves between Western and Eastern, melancholy and rowdy, California […]

Gravity A, New Beginnings (Independent)

Drawn to a unique melding of funky backbeats, arena-rock riffs and the pleasing aesthetics of the Apple-lit jam generation, fans (via a Kickstarter campaign) financed New Beginnings, the first LP […]

Rough Seven, Codebreaker (Upperninth)

Rough Seven’s sophomore release, Codebreaker, is a chronologically mixed bag of studio cuts dating back to Scully’s initial self-titled solo debut—following the (thankfully, only quasi-) retirement of rock outfit Morning […]

Amy Trail, Cold Springs (Independent)

Local songwriter/pianist Amy Trail’s third solo album pushes home writer Thomas Wolfe’s axiom held in the title of his 1940 novel: You Can’t Go Home Again. In a long, noble […]

Ratty Scurvics, A Wooden Nickel on Fire (Upperninth Records)

Deservedly gaining in terms of recognition, stage and studio time, mad-genius man-about-town Ratty Scurvics kicks off A Wooden Nickel on Fire with a bang—a blistering dance-hall romp in “Bananas,” a […]