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Soundcheck: Five Questions with Kathryn Rose Wood, singer-songwriter and music therapist

How does music apply to psychological healing? Music is a non-confrontational medium to address difficult issues. Conventional talk therapy can be pretty intimidating, [but] you’d be hard pressed to find […]

Ecirb Müller’s Twisted Dixie puts a new spin on the classics

“I have an experiment that I do in all of my classes, both high school and college, where I tell this fictitious story about the first governor of Louisiana—Abraham Lincoln,” Dr. […]

My Music: Drew Meez

“I[Andrew Meehan] go with Drew Meez on the Keys. It rhymes. The ‘Keys’ helps, because people have said when they try to Google it, they get Drew Brees memes. So […]

Five Questions with Danny Kadar, Production Engineer at the Old U.S. Mint

What all does the Old U.S. Mint’s third-floor Performing Arts Center encompass? We do a lot of music. We have a partnership with the National Park Service, which does a […]

My Music: Alfred Banks

“The tour is going great—I’m traveling to Fort Wayne [Indiana] right now, heading to Atlanta tomorrow. As far as having bigger audiences out on the road than in New Orleans, […]

My Music: Maggie Koerner

“When I want to chill, I like to listen to Radiohead. As for singers, I like this new guy Sampha. And Kendrick Lamar. My go-to favorite female is Leslie Feist. […]

REWIND: James Booker, “Classified” (Rounder Records)

“James Booker had a gig every week at the Maple Leaf with Johnny Vidacovich on drums, James Singleton on bass and Red Tyler on sax. That was going to be […]

Flow Tribe, “Boss” (Independent)

There’s plenty of good reason why Flow Tribe has established itself as one of New Orleans’ go-to party bands. The homegrown sextet—John-Michael Early (harmonica/washboard), Bryan Santos (percussion), K.C. O’Rorke (trumpet), […]

Marc Stone Band, “Live in Europe” (Independent)

Well, ain’t this a gift that keeps on giving. Ace blues guitarist, songwriter, singer and bandleader Marc Stone produced this special spring release, which opens in the studio with “Digitized”—a […]

High Society: English import Andrew Hall celebrates 50 years of his Society Brass Band

Andrew Hall met David Bowie on just one occasion. “Wild, that was,” says Hall, sharing with textbook British dry wit the story of Bowie’s after-party for the 1970 “Night in […]