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Hotel Bars: The Classic Formula

It is said that Governor Huey P. Long had a personal stake in the construction of Airline Highway because it would cut 40 miles out of his trip from Baton Rouge to the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. One of the Kingfish’s favorite haunts in his heyday, he once flew a Sazerac bartender to [...]

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UX for Good Exploring Tech Solutions to Musicians’ Problems

Jazz Fest brings all sorts of people to town: bikers, retirees, students, musicians, filmmakers, andnow you can add software designer to the list. This year, the Jazz and Heritage Foundation has partnered with UX For Good, a project started by software designers Jason Ulaszek and Jeff Leitner to solve social problems with what is called user [...]

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Blue Train Production’s Brass Band Week: A Lot of Brass

Ben Coltrane started his label, Blue Train Production, as a place for young jazz musicians to experiment. Starting Monday, April 23, Coltrane and Blue Train Production will release a new brass album daily for a week. “Brass Band Week” will take place over the week leading up to and including the first weekend of Jazz [...]

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Girls Love New Skin

When Chet “JR” White, bassist/producer of the San Francisco pop band Girls, sat down to record the group’s second album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, he did not have a specific plan for the record. He did, however, have a template: Leonard Cohen’s New Skin for the Old Ceremony. “The idea of that album that I [...]

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