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Zydeco Fanatics Sail the Blue… Why Do They Keep Picking on Music Clubs? OffBeat Moves to the Margins

It’s not often that I see four-inch "I Love New Orleans" tattoos on the shoulders of people I hang with. I saw one of ‘em and lots of other evidence […]

Hank, Elvis and Me: Making Musical History on the Louisiana Hayride by Horace Logan with Bill Sloan

In “The Death of Country Music,” country-punks The Waco, Brothers sing, “we spill some blood on the ashes/ Of the bones of the Jones and the Cashes.” The song laments […]

How Bad Can Donna’s Be? Music Biz Reporting, OffBeat Gives Tix to Shows & We Move On

Tell me, when will the city of New Orleans stop harassing the music industry? First the amusement tax, then retail in-stores, now musician and music club patron harassment?? Just before […]

Get Your Essential Louisiana Music Here… New Direction at Tip’s… Borders and Wherehouse Walk Into the Crescent City… offBeat Events

This is so cool… this month we’re previewing a feature that anyone who’s interested in Louisiana music will appreciate (and I’m presuming if you’re reading this, you’re one of that […]

The Kingdom of Zydeco by Michael Tisserand & Time Out: New Orleans

We’re sorry, but this article is currently unavailable online. We are going to gradually add more and more to the online archives. For now, you can purchase the back issue […]

Into a New Decade, Subscribers Win, Time Out & Loyola’s Music Symposium

It’s nice to be appreciated. Just before we went to press, we received a wonderful letter from Timothy White, the editor of Billboard Magazine (it’s published in its entirety in […]

Ten Years of Music Development, LMNOP Bites the Dust? Musical Political Action

I really can’t believe OffBeat is ten years old. When I struggled to start it in 1988, I expected things to really take off in a hurry in the New […]

Lighten Up on In-Store Performances

Okay, before you even start to read, I’m warning you: this is one of my rant columns. As many of our regular readers know, there’s been a growing problem in […]

Mojo Memories of Fest ’98 & LMNOP

It’s done. Gone. Jazz Fest 1998 is a memory. As I once again surrender to the miasma of heat that means another summer is here, I always reflect on the […]