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Fertile Ground

One of art’s more subtle functions is its ability to remind the audience other aesthetics exist, and that there is no one “right” way to appreciate art. A local painter […]

OffBeat Editorial: Considering the Amusement Tax

For as long as OffBeat has been around — seven years this past August — we’ve heard complaints about the city’s amusement tax from music club owners who say that […]

Publisher’s Page: The Cutting Edge Not So Sharp

For years, New Orleans has tried to establish itself as a major music center. “We’ve got the talent here… why don’t we have the business side?” is the refrain we’ve […]

A Mecca for Cajun Music

Like kids in high school, the dancers eye each other nervously as they line up to choose partners. Two lines form facing each other and the teacher patiently explains new […]