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Throw Us Some Money, Mister.

New Orleans lives and dies by its culture. That’s why we have such a thriving hospitality industry.  We’re not Nashville. We’re not Charleston, we’re not Dallas or Memphis. Certainly not Las […]

New Orleans Is Not Coachella:
Guest Editorial

Whenever Jazz Fest announces its upcoming lineup, there are always people who dislike and like to dispute the choices made for booking and managing the Fest. The 2019 complete lineup […]

Best of the Beat Is a Labor of Love

Publishing a print magazine in this day and time—a website, the Weekly Beat newsletter, social media, videos… well, it’s a lot of work for a small company. It is definitely […]

Common Goals Needed

New Orleans’ m,usic community, and the city as a whole, runs on a mentality of turf prtection with no common goals.

Is It Important To Own Music?

Those who actually buy recordings in a physical format are the ones who will keep music from dying a digital death. Ted Gioia tells you why.

Tipitina’s: As It Should and Will Be

Tipitina’s New Orleans is now owned by the band Galactic.

Hope for Support: protecting culture producers of New Orleans

I’m writing this pre-Thanksgiving and thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas kind of run together for me, and are always a time for me to count my […]

Lots of News

Tipitina’s in New Orleans up for sale? Stones to play Jazz Fest? Lots of news.

50 Glorious Years

To celebrate 50 glorious years of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in 2019, festival promoters have added a second Thursday, making the upcoming festival an eight-day event. Thursday, […]

Do New Orleans Bars Respect Musicians?

New Orleans clubs and bars don’t care about the musicians who bring in patrons.