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Life Is a Rap Cabaret: Boyfriend celebrates self-awareness and self-acceptance

BOYFRIEND: SUNDAY, APRIL 30—GENTILLY STAGE, 12:45 P.M.   When Beyoncé’s Lemonade came out, Boyfriend—New Orleans’ bespectacled, lingerie, robe and hair rollers–clad “rap cabaret” artist—overheard a conversation about the groundbreaking album […]

Soulful Tenor: Charlie Gabriel and Friends debuts at Jazz Fest

CHARLIE GABRIEL AND FRIENDS: THURSDAY, MAY 4—ECONOMY HALL STAGE, 2:55 P.M.   On a recent Tuesday evening in March, a teenage girl squeezed herself into a spot on the floor […]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, “So It Is” (Legacy Recordings)

Under Ben Jaffe’s leadership, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has spent much of the past decade redrawing the boundaries of traditional New Orleans jazz. Four years ago, the band released […]

Marcello Benetti, “Il Vizio!” (Independent)

In the liner notes for Il Vizio! drummer Marcello Benetti writes, “there’s always a lot of personal meaning in my compositions.” He goes on to credit people like his mother […]

Big Bites of Street Culture: Photographer Michelle Elmore’s three new books

There’s a black and white photo of Glen David Andrews, clad in a crisp suit and brass band hat, hanging in a breakfast and lunch joint called The Hummingbird in […]

Music Maker Relief Foundation gives $62,000 to Louisiana musicians

Seven months after unprecedented rainfall flooded Southeast Louisiana, musicians across the state are still struggling to get back on their feet, having lost homes, studios, instruments, gear and gigs to […]

In conversation with Paula Mejia, author of “Psychocandy”

With its searing noise-crush aesthetic and echoey fills layered beneath pop melodies straight out of the ’60s girl-group sound, the Jesus and Mary Chain’s 1985 album Psychocandy marked a watershed […]

Lost Bayou Ramblers, Rue Vermilion Revival (Independent)

With the release of 2012’s Mammoth Waltz, a lush set of sonic explorations that gracefully exploded preconceived notions about the Cajun music tradition, the Lost Bayou Ramblers cemented their rep […]

Acadiana Floods: We’re Going To Need Help

A week after an unprecedented volume of rain fell in Louisiana in August, causing floodwaters to ravage homes and businesses from Baton Rouge to Acadiana, Cezanne “Wish” Nails stood outside the […]

Magnetic Ear: Ear Say

Saxophonist Martin Krusche is sitting at the dining room table in his Ninth Ward home alongside saxophonist Dan Oestreicher, trombonists Wes Anderson IV and Jon Ramm­Gramenz, tuba player Steven Glenn […]