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Lynn Drury, “Rise of the Fall” (Independent)

Lynn Drury’s eighth album continues the exponential growth as a songwriter that began in earnest with Sugar on the Floor and her most recent release, Come to My House. The […]

Whistling Past the Graveyard: The gospel according to Luke Spurr Allen

Luke Spurr Allen has patience. It’s a quality that might be mistaken in a city other than New Orleans for inertia, but in the somnabulant byways of his adopted city, […]

Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show , “Life Is a Ride” (Independent)

For a lot of New Orleans musicians, the flood and forced depopulation of the city after Katrina was a slow motion train wreck that piled disaster upon disaster and either […]

Sacred and Profane: The festival-opening invocation by Michael Skinkus and Moyuba

MICHAEL SKINKUS & MOYUBA: FRIDAY, APRIL 28—LAGNIAPPE STAGE, 11:30 A.M   Jazz Fest 48 will be remembered as the year New Orleans officially rekindled its African diaspora cultural connection to […]

The New King of Jazz Fest: Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews Rules

TROMBONE SHORTY & ORLEANS AVENUE: SUNDAY, MAY 7—ACURA STAGE, 5:35 P.M.   Over the past half-century the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has defined what it means to be […]

Elvin Bishop, “Big Fun Trio” (Alligator Records)

Damn, here’s another really top-notch record from Elvin Bishop. How does he do it? Very few blues musicians can turn out records that are as consistently great as Elvin’s. I […]

Chloe Feoranzo and Tom McDermott, “Zeppelins Made to Order” (Rabadash Records)

Tom McDermott is an uncharacteristic New Orleans pianist. The sheer virtuosity that epitomizes New Orleans “professors” from Jelly Roll Morton to James Booker is not his goal. McDermott thinks before […]

Hurray for the Riff Raff, “The Navigator” (ATO)

I’ve been a hungry ghost/ So I travel coast to coast In New Orleans we watched Alynda Segarra grow from a ragged teenage traveler singing shyly on the streets of […]

Michael Tisserand Krazy: “George Herriman, A Life in Black and White” (Harper)

On one of my first trips to New Orleans back in the twentieth century I was in a cab in the French Quarter when we passed several strikingly beautiful young […]

Lifetime Achievement in Music Education: Bruce Boyd Raeburn

Dr. Bruce Boyd Raeburn’s work turning the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane into a resource for students, researchers and fans of New Orleans music is a remarkable achievement that ensures […]