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Wilson Pickett, It’s Harder Now (Bullseye)

Imagine if Aretha Franklin went back into the studio and made an album as good as, say, Aretha Now? Imagine what Otis Redding might be doing had he not gone […]

George Porter, Jr.: Here Comes the Meter Man

George Porter, Jr. is one of the most influential rhythm and blues players from the post-1950s generation of musicians that engineered the revolution in soul music that became known as […]

Cajun, Not Crossover

"I don’t have any gold records on my wall, but I’m proud of my music," said one of New Orleans’ underrated musical treasures, Bruce Daigrepont. Daigrepont’s Sunday Fais Do Do […]

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a master of musical masks, equally at home in the midst of an acoustic blues session, a rock festival, a Hawaiian luau, a Caribbean Carnival, a punky […]

Mem Shannon: Tonight, Members Only

The second weekend of the ten-day Montreal Jazz Festival was coming apart at the seams. One of the scheduled headliners, Ruth Brown, was hospitalized back in the United States. Another […]