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Pieces of the Cradle

Few places that held the original spirit of Jazz still exist. ‘Those that do hide their history well.   Jazz was born out of a very rare moment in history. […]

White Buffalo Day

Feathers and sequins glisten in the high noon heat. Tambourines shake and drums roll, calling out to. the spirits at Congo Square. It is August 27th, 1994. A Native American […]

Raymond Anthony Myles, A Taste of Heaven (Honey Darling)

Very few studio recordings do justice to the spirit and communal glory of live gospel. A Taste of Heaven resolves this problem from the very first cut. “Elijah’s Rock” begins […]

Where’s Da Wax?

Don’t let that Jazz Fest glow fade with the memories. From rarities and classics to the latest releases, New Orleans is a goldmine for music collectors of every stripe. Here’s […]

Gospel Rocks Out

From Tipitina’s to the Gospel Tent, spiritual music is not just for church anymore.   Revelry has reached a feverish pitch at Tipitina’s on the eve of Mardi Gras, vibrating […]