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New Orleans in the News

CBS News covers Galatoire’s sale of its majority interest to mayoral candidate John Georges and his business partner. The Associated Press covers a member of the Sewerage and Water Board who has been indicted for soliciting kickbacks and accepting payoffs. The New York Times reports Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu’s decision to run for mayor of [...]

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New Orleans in the News

Stanton Moore previews Galactic’s new album, Ya-Ka-May, to Reuters.  The Dallas Morning News reported on the opening of the new theater at the National World War II Museum.WXVT in Greenville, Mississippi previews DesCours, the art and architecture festival starting this week.   The AP’s Stacey Plaisance writes about Broadway plays returning to the Mahalia Jackson [...]

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Show Preview: Cursive at One Eyed Jacks

Tim Kasher won’t say he’s the brains behind the operation, but his band Cursive does tend to bend to his whims as his personal outlet. Cursive plays One Eyed Jacks tonight with Capgun Coup opening, and the band’s lyrics are often ripped right from Kasher’s life. 2000’s Domestica is the story of a relationship – his [...]

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Con the Con

“URGENT: PLEASE OPEN TO CLAIM YOUR PRISE!!!” Delete emails like that several times a day without even opening them? It seems almost no one’s inbox is impervious to shameless spam email, asking its recipient to save an African heiress from poverty, invest in a surefire money-making scheme, or claim lottery money already won. Diana Grove [...]

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It’s Not Brain Surgery

DJ Quickie Mart comes from a family of lawyers. Lucky for him, he stumbled upon turntables when he was a teenager, and he’s never had to come up with a backup plan. Quickie Mart’s new album, Brain Salad Surgery (downloadable here), is an homage to the mashup DJs he’s looked up to for years. “[DJ] [...]

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Live Review: The Flaming Lips at Voodoo, Take Two

[Earlier in the week, we published Lauren Noel's review of the Flaming Lips' November 1 show at Voodoo. Our Kathleen McCann had a different take on it.] I can’t say that when you’ve seen one Flaming Lips show, you’ve seen them all, because the band puts on a better show than any other festival performer [...]

Frenchy’s Film Finally

The King of Oak Street may be the most famous documentary you’ve never seen. But neither has anyone else, really. The film’s story begins with Randy Frechette (the painter Frenchy to you) and George Hamilton and Andrew Scott, the latter a couple of those Yankee New Orleanians who’ve made it to just about every Jazz [...]

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Festival of Friends

The Gretna Heritage Festival isn’t Jazz Fest, and it certainly isn’t Voodoo, either. Kerry Brown wouldn’t have it any other way. No stranger to the local music circuit, Brown has paid his touring dues—38 years worth—and is putting his musical stripes to good use organizing the 14th Gretna Heritage Fest, which presents music on eight [...]

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