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Funeral for Billy Diamond Friday

New Orleans blues legend William “Billy” Diamond passed away on October 20 at the age of 95. Services and burial for Diamond will be held at 1 p.m. on Friday at St Louis Cemetery Number One; relatives and friends are invited to attend. Gather at the front gates on 400 Basin Street for a procession to the [...]

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Punk Lived in New Orleans

UPDATED Local filmmaker Al Champagne is working on a documentary on the local punk scene during the ‘70s and ‘80s. “What I hope to accomplish with this is an awareness that a punk scene actually existed here in New Orleans,” Champagne says. “I think this will be interesting to not only locals, but also those [...]

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Bayou Classic Parade Returns on Thanksgiving

It’s been almost three decades since the Bayou Classic Parade, but this Thanksgiving it’s coming back full force. “I was told by a local float builder who was also a captain of a Mardi Gras parade that we definitely had one of the best marching band line-ups they’d ever seen,” says Jon Kardon, one of [...]

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Record Raid Expands to Three Venues and More Vendors

This Saturday, Record Raid, New Orleans’ local record fair, is returning to Siberia and the Hi-Ho Lounge and expanding across the street to the All-Ways Lounge. “It’s essentially just a big music flea market,” says organizer Hunter King about the Record Raid. “It’s full of music media: vinyl, CDs, 45s, and cassettes. We’ve got a [...]

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Mirliton Festival: In Praise of the Bywater and Mirlitons

“The key to the Mirliton Festival and the musical lineup is the fact that it is very ‘Bywater-centric’”, says attorney Andrew Bizer, who booked the 22nd annual Mirliton Festival. The annual event at Markey Park on Piety Street in the Bywater is a celebration of Bywater art and culture, and it takes place Saturday from 11 [...]

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The Bearded Oysters Coast to Coast

Seven years ago, the irreverent parade group The Bearded Oysters formed “as a social club for women who wanted to share in the New Orleans parading experience,” says founder Katrina Brees. “Over the years, the Bearded Oysters have expanded to include more than 500 women of all ages, races, occupations, and interests to create a [...]

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The 504 Rock Art Circus Comes to the Circus

On November 12, L. Steve Williams, Jr. will “bring a circus to the circus of Frenchmen.” Williams is a graphic artist and the curator of the 504 Rock Art Circus, an annual show of art by musicians and music-related art that will be held this year at d.b.a. for the first time. This year’s spectacle [...]

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The French Market Says Boo

“The French Market used to be a place everyone went on weekends,” says Boo Carre founder Amy Kirk. “I have heard many local New Orleanians say things like, ‘I used to go to the French Market with my grandmother’ or, ‘My grandfather used to sell at the French Market!’ The Market has also been a [...]

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Walt McClements Is in the Dark (Dark Dark)

Minneapolis-based chamber folk sextet Dark Dark Dark constructs intricate worlds with their songs. The haunting composition of instruments along with lead vocalist Nora Marie Invie’s towering voice forms an air of whimsy and magic. Within Dark Dark Dark’s songwriting, intense and emotive yarns are spun. In speaking with the group’s accordionist, pianist, trumpeter and chorister, [...]

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Harold Battiste to Be Honored at Galvez Gala

As a kick-off to the second annual Mississippi River 9th Ward Film and Arts Festival, the New Orleans Afrikan Film and Arts Festival (NOAFEST) is honoring musician, producer, and educator Harold Battiste at its annual gala on Thursday, October 6 at Galvez Restaurant. Kicking off at 6 p.m. with a prelude of kora, sax and drums [...]

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