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BackTalk: Todd Rundgren’s Swampland Utopia

Musician and producer Todd Rundgren first took the world stage in the mid-60s, fronting his band the Nazz. This June, Rundgren celebrates his 65th birthday at a party in swampy rural Louisiana, where his most loyal fans and disciples will pay for the opportunity to enter his personal space for six days. A previous “Toddstock” [...]

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Uniquity: Boom-bap and Jazz Rap

As we walk to conduct our interview at a quieter Marigny bar, rapper Renard “Slangston Hughes” Bridgewater (“The Connoisseur of Fine Rhyme”) discusses the human desire for tangibility. “At the end of the day, a lot of people still want that paper and that ink,” he says, referring to his day job in production at [...]

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Denison and Denizens: Rock Supergroup Tomahawk Shakes Off the Rust

After the 1999 breakup of guitarist Duane Denison’s very crazy and much-loved band the Jesus Lizard — which pitted the reckless abandon of “singer” David Yow against Denison’s meticulous jazz-punk fretwork — Denison moved from Chicago to Nashville. There he began recording demos that initiated a long-distance musical relationship with Ipecac label founder and equally [...]

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Knob Yo Head: Voodoo Music Experience Electronic Music Breakdown

In the late ’90s, electronic music was poised to obliterate all real musicians and organic instrumentation. The process has by now been nearly completed, but at one point laptop music fans doubted the takeover would ever really play out, because DJs and their ilk were considered not as marketable as traditional bands. The DJ’s draw [...]

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Bounce to This: Katey Red’s Dream Team

“It’s an entity I put together. We are ready to tell a story,” says Katey Red, the trans queen of New Orleans bounce rap, speaking on her new “Dream Team,” performing at Voodoo Music Experience 2012. Red’s Voodoo gig has become her annual chance to show attendees of the high-profile festival the side of bounce [...]

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Impressions of a Voodoo Sunday

Voodoo Parents More than the music even, City Park is the reason to attend Voodoo Fest. Especially for parents, the abundant shade and wide open space makes Voodoo a perfect family event. Though it did feel weird to be offered shampoo at every turn, the Garnier hair tent treated my three-year-old to red streaks in her hair that made [...]

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St Aug’s Hamp Fest: Interview with Prince’s arch rival, Morris Day

For more than 52 years, Edwin H. Hampton taught band at St. Augustine High School, where he created St. Aug’s “Marching 100,” to this day widely considered New Orleans’ best marching band – which is really saying something. In the year of his passing, 2009, the annual Hamp Music Festival was created to celebrate Hampton’s [...]

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Sound Bites: More Than Just Music on these Venues’ Menus

Once the city government has stripped us of the live music that is New Orleans’ lifeblood, we will still have great food to comfort us. Everyone is okay with food, for it sings only in one’s mouth, where it cannot be heard so long as you keep your mouth closed — which is what the [...]

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YouTube du Jour: Rock ‘n’ Roll Space Camp

Gwendolyn Knapp and Todd Voltz both sing and play guitar in New Orleans sci-fi monster surf-punk band, the Green Demons. For two weeks in August, the duo lent their talents to the 3 Ring Circus Arts Education and Big Top Gallery’s sixth annual Summer Arts Camp on Clio Street in Central City. Each summer in [...]

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Loyola and The Lens Talk Journalism, Community

On Wednesday (August 8), Loyola University in conjunction with investigative news site The Lens, welcomed five dynamic panelists to help a roomful of local journalists and concerned citizens understand the recent, drastic downsizing of the Times-Picayune. They also assembled to ask the community to think about what kind of news it wants, and how it [...]

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