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Obituary: Michael James Joseph (1967–2016)

New Orleans musician Michael James Joseph passed away Monday, July 11, at the age of 49. Joseph was known as the bass guitarist for legendary New Orleans rock ’n’ roll […]

His Purple Majesty: A Local Tribute to Prince

Here in the world’s music capital, many of us, whether we knew it or not, lived just one or two degrees separated from The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. I […]

Quickie Mart “Specializes In Everything”

Martin Arceneaux’s trademark long, wavy brown hair blows in the perfect breeze off Lake Pontchartrain as we sit at a table on a jetty sticking out into the water—tonight’s backstage […]

BackTalk: Todd Rundgren’s Swampland Utopia

Musician and producer Todd Rundgren first took the world stage in the mid-60s, fronting his band the Nazz. This June, Rundgren celebrates his 65th birthday at a party in swampy […]

Uniquity: Boom-bap and Jazz Rap

As we walk to conduct our interview at a quieter Marigny bar, rapper Renard “Slangston Hughes” Bridgewater (“The Connoisseur of Fine Rhyme”) discusses the human desire for tangibility. “At the […]

Denison and Denizens: Rock Supergroup Tomahawk Shakes Off the Rust

After the 1999 breakup of guitarist Duane Denison’s very crazy and much-loved band the Jesus Lizard — which pitted the reckless abandon of “singer” David Yow against Denison’s meticulous jazz-punk […]

Knob Yo Head: Voodoo Music Experience Electronic Music Breakdown

In the late ’90s, electronic music was poised to obliterate all real musicians and organic instrumentation. The process has by now been nearly completed, but at one point laptop music […]

Bounce to This: Katey Red’s Dream Team

“It’s an entity I put together. We are ready to tell a story,” says Katey Red, the trans queen of New Orleans bounce rap, speaking on her new “Dream Team,” […]

Sound Bites: More Than Just Music on these Venues’ Menus

Once the city government has stripped us of the live music that is New Orleans’ lifeblood, we will still have great food to comfort us. Everyone is okay with food, […]

Tales of the Cocktail: Not Just Booze

Isn’t the difference between a “cocktail scene” and run-of-the-mill alcoholism simply a matter of whether one is getting drunk while sitting in a circle and chatting, or facing forward at […]