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Retrofit, BEasy (Independent)

The debut EP of a band of up-and-coming younger session musicians and sidemen from New Orleans and Baton Rouge, BEasy puts some modern embellishments on a tried-and-true, feel-good formula. Retrofit […]

Brittany Purdy, Welcome to Sazaraz (Independent)

Welcome to Sazaraz, the debut EP from Brittany Purdy, has a lot to say, especially considering its short run time. A New York native calling New Orleans home since 2013, […]

Misled, Regenerator Vol. 1 (Dixie Dawg Records)

A new release from a band walking the punk/metal line since the early aughts, you know what you’re in for pretty early into the first listening session of Misled’s Regenerator […]

Jasen Weaver, “The Voscoville” (Jasen Weaver Music)

The Voscoville is the instrumental jazz recording debut of rising local bass player Jasen Weaver, a mainstay of the city’s music scene since attending the New Orleans Center for Creative […]

National Lagarde, “Story of a Southern Gentleman” (Sliptrick Records)

National Lagarde’s Story of a Southern Gentleman is a curious mixture of styles. Terry Lagarde’s description of his band on its Facebook page is not too far from the mark; […]

Louise Cappi, “Mélange” (Independent)

While straightforward and not breaking any new ground, Louise Cappi’s Mélange covers a lot of musical styles familiar to New Orleanians. Eclectic in both genre and repertoire, she touches on […]

Bon Mot, “Cheap Drinks, Poor Lighting” (Proper Channels Music)

The simultaneous presentation of high and low fidelity permeates the debut solo release of MC Bon Mot, one-third of a group of underground local rappers and hip-hop producers called Proper […]

Grayson Brockamp and the New Orleans Wildlife Band, Self Titled (Paytone Records)

It’s difficult to effectively walk the line between modern jazz and gospel music in a way that comes across as genuine to both, but that’s exactly what Grayson Brockamp has […]

Kat Walker with Amasa Miller, “Torch Songs” (Independent)

It’s all right there in the title: Kat Walker’s Torch Songs is a collection of jazz and old popular ballads with the bare duo texture of only her voice and […]