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FQFIQ: Your French Quarter Festival from A to Z

French Quarter Festival is celebrating its 35th year. The festival runs from Thursday, April 12 until Sunday, April 15, 2018. With 20 stages throughout the French Quarter, our comprehensive guide […]

The complete list of nominees for Best of the Beat

The OffBeat Music and Cultural Arts Foundation’s Best of the Beat Awards 2017 nominations are in. We solicited nominations from musicians and others in the music community. We then gave […]

Simply the Best: The 50 Best Albums of 2017

We’ve polled our writers and editorial staff and have gathered 50 of our most recommended albums of the year. We didn’t include reissues and only included releases reviewed in 2017. […]

Jazz Fest Redux

“Happy Fest” is a springtime greeting in New Orleans, our own kind of “Aloha.” People say it to start a conversation and again to depart. I heard this greeting a […]

Jazz Fest A to Z: Your guide to every artist at Jazz Fest 2017

How do you choose from the variety of cultures, rhythms and sounds available at Jazz Fest? Our guide should help. Happy Jazz Fest! Remember that performance information is subject to […]

20 in 20: A selection of Basin Street releases since 1999

Irvin Mayfield: Irvin Mayfield “Mayfield proves that he is more interested in pushing boundaries than establishing a commercial persona.” —Jonathan Tabak (released April 1, 1999; BSR 0401-2)     Jason […]

French Quarter Festival from A to Z: Your guide to every act at this year’s FQF

French Quarter Fest 2017 will feature more than 1,700 local artists on 24 stages spread throughout the Quarter. Our comprehensive and definitive guide to this year’s festival will help you […]

House of Bourbon

The Royal House of Bourbon originated in 1268 when the heiress of the lordship of Bourbon married French King Louis IX’s younger son. The name for the spirit made in […]

Top Taco Festival

The Top Taco festival started in Denver four years ago and quickly became one of the largest food festivals in Colorado. The New Orleans version, which premieres on March 23, […]

Letters to the Editor

True Believer It feels good to be recognized and acknowledged by OffBeat, [True Believers by Laura DeFazio, November 2016] especially as I begin such an important musical journey. This new […]