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Posies, Frosting on the Beater (DGC Records)

The Posies played like they had something to prove at Jimmy’s a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone there to prove it to. Having just released their second major […]

Jellyfish, Spilt Milk (Charisma Records)

Whilst perusing the merchandise in Record Ron’s not long ago, my eyes chanced to gaze upon an ancient Archie’s lunchbox. Archie, Jughead, et al, were playing guitar, etc. in the […]

Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque (DGC Records)

Already getting hyped as the alternative pop band of the 90s, racking up Best Album of the Year awards, riding at the top of the college charts, and appearing on […]

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, Perspex Island (A&M Records)

Before we start, I must admit that I am in the Cult of Hitchcock, that small but loyal group of (mostly) alternative music fans who have fallen in love with […]