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Dining Out: Mariza (Restaurant Review)

For most New Orleanians, the dishes at their favorite “Italian” restaurant bear little resemblance to the indigenous cuisine of Italy. While delicious in doses, Creole-Italian—with its dominant smooth-and-sweet red gravy and various meats stuffed with garlicky bread crumbs—lacks the finesse and simplicity of true Italian cooking. Recently, though, restaurants focusing on regional Italian specialties have [...]

Dining Out: Toups’ Meatery (Restaurant Review)

Following in the footsteps of Paul Prudhomme and Donald Link, a new practitioner of Cajun-comes-to-town has staked a claim in Mid-City with Toups’ Meatery. Toups, which by New Orleans standards is a young Turk, has fast become a dining destination, racking up its own accolades. Chef Isaac Toups’ family roots run centuries deep in Southwest [...]

Dining Out: Angelo Brocato’s (Restaurant Review)

Sicilian influence in New Orleans’ culinary canon is most prominently noted in the smooth, sweet tomato sauce known locally as “red gravy.” But immigrants from this Mediterranean island also introduced locals to a wide array of Italian sweet treats. Since 1905, the Brocato family has satisfied the city’s lust for frozen desserts to help beat [...]

Dining Out: Kingfish (Restaurant Review)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Greg Sonnier toiled as a line cook at K-Paul’s, honing his craft from Chef Prudhomme while courting his co-worker wife-to-be. Since then, Sonnier has gone to the Riverbend (as sous chef at Brigtsten’s), Faubourg St. John (as chef/owner of the wildly loved Gabrielle) and to [...]

Dining Out: Borgne (Restaurant Review)

The renovated Hyatt Regency Hotel on Loyola boasts a sleek design and high-tech features not often embraced by a city that seems to relish in its antiquity. Such a modernist approach seems divergent from a restaurant that pays homage to the local Isleños community, Spanish descendants who emigrated from the Canary Islands to the waterlogged [...]

Dining Out: Morning Call Coffee Stand (Restaurant Review)

New Orleans has long been the center of caffeine culture in North America. With bags upon bags of green coffee beans being unloaded off ships from Central and South America, the port of New Orleans has long been the most logical depot for Earth’s second-most traded commodity. During the Civil War, when coffee was in [...]

New Eats on the Block: New Orleans’ Restaurant Expansion Reaches New Neighborhoods

It has been said that New Orleans is the only city in the world where new restaurants open, but no restaurants ever close. That aphorism holds true today, where seemingly every empty warehouse and downtrodden property in the city is undergoing a renovation for the next starry-eyed foodie entrepreneur. And while restaurants specializing in New [...]

Jazz Fest Food Vendors Dish on Their Top Eats

Ever loved a dish from a restaurant? Really loved it? As in, no matter how many times you visit the restaurant, nor how expansive the menu, you always order it? Breaking your addiction to that dish is simple. Go and work in that restaurant. Chances are, by the end of your second day you will [...]

Dining Out: Killer Poboys (Restaurant Review)

A casual stroll down Bourbon Street yields a limited number of options for pairing food with a Big Ass Beer. Most revelers are content with noshing on freshly defrosted pizza by the slice or wolfing down a Lucky Dog in order to prolong the drinking hour. But just a stone’s throw down Conti Street, a [...]

Dining Out: The Irish House (Restaurant Review)

Green beer and jello shots are as representative of Irish culture as a California roll symbolizes an authentic expression of Japanese sushi. Luckily New Orleans has adopted an Irishman of her own who has brought a certain level of credence to the city’s enthusiasm for the Emerald Isle. With the opening of the Irish House [...]