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Dining Out: La Boca (Restaurant Review)

The prototypical American steakhouse is defined by masculine affluence—leather banquettes, California cult cabernets and mammoth-sized portions of the most expensive cuts of beef. For many years, the New Orleans steakhouse […]

Dining Out: Ba Chi Canteen (Restaurant Review)

A wise man once said: “Never trust a skinny cook.” That adage immediately jumped to mind on my first visit to Ba Chi Canteen, when my attempt to order a […]

Dining Out: Clever & Co. (Restaurant Review)

Farm-to-table is a term most often associated with the image of men in straw hats and overalls carefully tending to tilled soil and harnessing the power of Mother Nature to […]

Bourbon, Boudin & Beer: One Big Sausage Fest

In just two years Bourbon, Boudin & Beer—Chef Emeril Lagasse’s casual sausage soirée hosted the night before Carnivale du Vin, his black-tie charity gala and auction—has become a must-attend event […]

Sausage for Thought: Boudin and Beer Festival Gathers 50 Chefs

Inspiration comes in many forms. In the case of one of New Orleans’ most anticipated culinary events of the year, the combination of a beautiful Friday fall afternoon and a […]

Blue Dot Donuts: Out of the Blue

For locals and visitors to New Orleans, a morning ritual of “coffee and doughnuts” connotes the image of a steaming cup of café au lait paired with a trio of […]

Windfield Farm Bakery’s Bread Lines

One of the many dividing lines between youth and adulthood is one’s ability to break your weekly sleeping routine when Saturday morning rolls around. It’s become tough to accept that […]

Muriel’s Restaurant: From Séance Lounge to Jazz Brunch

When Muriel’s opened in March 2001, the goal was to deliver the ultimate New Orleans experience, complete with a nightly soiree on the upstairs level. But with the events of […]

St. James Cheese Company: Behind the Rind

How well do you really know your cheese? Long gone are the times when our choices were limited to cheddar, Swiss and American. Today, a veritable flow chart of questions […]

Dining Out: The Green Goddess

To call The Green Goddess funky would be like saying Louis Armstrong just played the trumpet. The restaurant combines the talents of Paul Artigues and Chris DeBarr to create a […]