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A Dream and Hard Work: Saint-Germain gets back to the basics

An unassuming double shotgun sits on a busy stretch of Saint Claude Avenue, between Montegut and Clouet, alongside Red’s Chinese and Quintron and Miss Pussycat’s Spellcaster Lodge. Its last occupant […]

More than a Music Club: Howlin’ Wolf turns 30

Howie Kaplan had zero experience running a major music venue when he bought the Howlin’ Wolf from Jack Groetsch in 2000. Just over 30, Kaplan had spent his entire adult […]

Carmela Rappazzo, Howlin’ at the Moon (Independent)

Carmela Rappazzo sings a lot of blue notes. Her voice is not traditionally beautiful or “pretty.” It captures you on a different level, disconcerting yet fascinating. Rappazzo grew up in […]

Shawn Williams, Motel Livin’ (Independent)

In an interview with OffBeat’s Laura DeFazio, Shawn Williams refers to her music as “alt-rocka country-billy serial killer blues.” As far as genre signifiers go, it pretty well sums up […]

MY MUSIC: jazz pianist Oscar Rossignoli

“My dad grew up playing the bass—just amateur bands, nothing professional, but he has an ear for music. He knows what’s wrong, what’s right, but he doesn’t know why. He […]

Power Players: Delish Da Goddess Opens Doors

The leader of New Orleans’ DIY hip-hop movement lives half an hour outside city limits. Gabriel Major (a.k.a. Delish Da Goddess) resides in the sleepy town of Violet, an unlikely […]

Leap of Faith: Quiana Lynell’s phenomenal ride

“The last year of my life has been phenomenal,” Quiana Lynell says. It stands to reason. In the past 12 months, she’s scratched more items off her musical bucket list […]

Femaissance’s Activist Art: granny panties and glitter-covered silicone chicken legs

“Community can exist in a capitalist structure when there’s small business,” says Maddy Rose, co-founder and curator of Femaissance, the all-female art movement. “So frequently, ‘capitalism’ suggests absolute selfishness, the […]

The Residents Bring Mystery To Music Box Village (Concert Review)

It’s been 44 years since Shreveport-founded experimental collective The Residents released its debut album, but somehow, in all that time, the group never made it to New Orleans. That changed […]

From Underdog to Lone Wolf at Large: Alfred Banks at the forefront

Everyone loves an underdog. In hip-hop, especially, dark horse status is synonymous with credibility. It’s no surprise, then, that local rapper Alfred Banks has made it his personal brand. “Underdog […]