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Walter “Wolfman” Washington, Wolf at the Door (Rounder Records)

Wolf at the Door finds Walter Washington hitting new and great soul territory. His three previous albums were from much the same fabric—a boiling cauldron of funk, jazz and blues, […]

Aaron Neville, Warm Your Heart (A&M Records)

In listening to Warm Your Heart you have to keep in mind a bizarre fact. After over 30 years as New Orleans’ king of soul, it is Aaron’s first real […]

Great Moments of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues

ROY BROWN – GOOD ROCKIN’ TONIGHT I heard the news/There’s good rockin’ tonight! It was a song of things to come. It opened with a Judgement Day blast of horns […]

The Bluerunners: Snake Tied and Cajun Fried

It is a Saturday night at Carrollton Station, a tiny club with a floor that shakes on hot nights. The Bluerunners, a band from Lafayette, Louisiana, scorches the crowd with […]

The Dew Drop Inn

On May 1st the Jazz and Heritage Festival will present a concert titled “Dew Drop Inn Revisited: The Toussaint Legacy” at Riverboat Hallelujah Concert Hall at 8 p.m. Though not […]

Frogman Finds A Home

Way down yonder in the Bayouland, past twisting urban blight and rotting moral fibers, a lone green thing, rana N’waleenzius, sits on the banks of the Mississippi and laments the […]

Ear to the Ground: The Return of Fred LeBlanc and Cowboy Mouth

1981. A maniacal musical force is introduced to New Orleans in the form of 17-year-old drummer Fred LeBlanc. Guitarist Paul Sanchez recalls LeBlanc’s audition with the Backbeats: “Fred was like […]

A Creole Christmas: The Album

In a land where music and festivity are obsessions, the music for the world’s most revered festivity has the same objectives as elsewhere—reflecting on good times, family and friends, home […]

Big Easy Blues

“It’s the home of the blues. This place here is the home, the foundation of jazz and blues.” It’s rather hard to contradict the 80-year-old dean of New Orleans blues, […]